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How to Get Around Portland Without Driving

The places you want to go are usually far away from each other in cities as big as Portland. If you do not have a vehicle or are not able to drive safely, you might think it is difficult to get around. However, Portland has a wide selection of transportation solutions to pick from. With Portland’s cab services, public transit, senior care organizations, and senior service programs, you will have an easy time getting from point A to point B and everywhere in between.


Portland has won numerous awards for how pedestrian and transit-friendly it is. TriMet is the public agency that runs mass transit in the region spanning most of the Portland metropolitan area. They operate most of the region’s buses and the MAX light rail system. TriMet has an Honored Members program that offers reduced fares of 50 percent off the full price for tickets and passes for older adults aged 65 years or older. There is also priority seating for golden agers located nearest to the door. If you have a personal attendant, they ride free.

Get a Cab

You might consider using one of Portland’s many cab services, if you want to get to a medical appointment or need to get anywhere else. Radio Cab, Broadway Cab, Portland Taxi Cab, and all of the other major licensed cab companies in Portland allow you to make advance reservations over the phone or on your computer. You can even prepay for rides with some taxi companies, if you want to hire a professional driver for the senior in your life.

Senior Care Services

As part of their list of services, home health care organizations in Portland usually provide rides to just about anywhere. A few of the companies that advertise their transportation services on the Internet are Senior Helpers, Comfort Keepers, and Northwest Senior Management Services. You should think about this alternative because you get to make as many stops as you want, you can get aid and companionship while shopping, you will likely know the driver since they are typically your caregiver, and you can choose to ride in your own car or in the driver’s vehicle.

Ride-Sharing Services

Portland has a number of ride-sharing companies working within its borders, including Lyft and Uber. These services make it simple to get rides when you need them, schedule transportation in advance, and to get assistance from your door to your location. This is the ideal choice if you are savvy with smartphones or have someone to help you. However, you need to be careful that you understand the pricing since it generally costs more during peak hours, like rush hour.

Customized Programs Help You Ride

If you are looking for other transportation alternatives in Portland, consider Ride Connection. This is a private, nonprofit organization which is made up of a collection of agencies who serve seniors by supplying a range of ride solutions in Portland and the surrounding counties. Ride Connection aims to help keep older adults healthy, included, and independent.

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