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Plano Support Groups For Caregivers

Caregivers do some of the most important work by caring for their family members or loved ones, but it can sometimes come at the expense of their own physical and mental well-being. It is easy to forget about yourself when someone else needs so much of your help to get through the day, but neglecting your health can lead to a breakdown eventually. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to seek out support in their community in the form of support groups and other services. Plano has a lot of resources to offer caregivers in the community you just need to know where to look.

Wellness Center For Older Adults

The Wellness Center for Older Adults is an organization that has been striving to meet the needs of seniors in Collin County. They provide preventative health care services like health screenings, low-cost lab work, and health education. They also have medical equipment you can borrow on an as-needed basis.

The Center also takes care of caregivers, and they have both counseling services and a bi-monthly support group. The counseling is on an individual basis so you if you are uncomfortable in group settings this can be helpful. The support group meets in Plano on the third Tuesday of every month. If you would like more information on any of these services, you can send an email through their website and they will get back to you promptly.

Jewish Family Services

Jewish Family Services works to provide mental and health services to anyone in need in the Greater Dallas area. They work with children, teens, and adults including seniors. They can provide counseling, transportation, meal delivery, help with errands, and even organize complicated bills and papers.

They also have a variety of caregiver support groups in the area. These groups are free of charge, and they usually meet once a month. You don’t have to RSVP to join the group you can just show up and participate in the discussion and activities. You can call (972) 437-9950 to find out more about these groups.

North Central Texas Council Of Governments

The North Central Texas Council of Governments operates as the area agency on aging for Plano and through them, caregivers can enroll in the Family Caregiver Support Program. This program provides caregivers and their family member with essential services and information. Caregivers can also find respite care through the agency as well as support coordination to enhance the care you already give.

You can also find state and local services through the agency by viewing their map and clicking on Collin County. The agency has links to additional information on caregiving resources here as well.

Alzheimer’s Support Groups

If you care for someone with Alzheimer’s, then it is vital that you find a good support network. The Alzheimer’s Association has plenty of services for caregivers that can help you take a break, learn more about how to care for your family member and find support with other caregivers.

There are support groups that meet throughout the Dallas area, and you can find one that fits your schedule. A few also provide respite care, so you don’t have to worry about your loved one being alone. If you can’t make it to a group, you can find one online at the Caregiver Center.

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