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Plano Senior Movers and Downsizers

If you are thinking of moving into a new home or a senior living community, you may be concerned about downsizing and safely transporting your prized possessions. Luckily, senior relocation experts located throughout Plano are there to help countless older adults and their families plan a smooth and stress-free move into a new home.

What senior moving specialists have to offer

Senior moving services and downsizers, unlike traditional moving companies, are heavily involved in the entire relocation process. A senior move expert will be by your side to help you through every step of your move, providing guidance and emotional support as you organize, downsize, and pack up your home.

When it comes time to transport your belongings, many senior move experts coordinate with top local moving companies in order to get everything to your new house safely and efficiently. Once your possessions are carefully unpacked, your senior moving specialist can help you to set up your new home and even transfer your utility bills to your new address.

Calling a Plano senior moving specialist

It’s ideal to plan your move as early as possible, but unfortunately, not all seniors have this option. A family emergency such as an unexpected hospitalization often means a sudden move into a retirement community or a smaller, more manageable home. Contacting a senior move expert at the first signs of declining health can help to save both you and your loved ones a great deal of stress in the long run by giving you plenty of time to sort through your belongings. You can also call a senior move expert to help you declutter before deciding to put your home up for sale.

Finding a senior moving specialist in Plano

Luckily for Plano seniors, it’s becoming easier and easier to find local senior moving services as baby boomers retire. You can use the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) online search tool to find over half a dozen trained and insured Senior Move Managers in the Plano area. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) also offers online ratings and reviews for accredited senior moving companies.

If you’re still not sure which Senior Move Manager offers the best services to suit your needs, speak with friends and family members for recommendations. The staff and residents at local assisted living facilities may also have valuable insight about Plano senior moving specialists.

Paying for senior moving services

Are you worried about the cost of senior moving services in your area? If so, you’re not alone. Many Senior Move Managers charge anywhere between $40 to $125 per hour, with the Dallas Morning News reporting that some companies charged as much as $10,000 for a moving job in 2012. Of course, not all seniors should expect to pay this much for specialized moving services. Some Senior Move Managers offer referral discounts, economy packages, and a la carte options for older adults who are relocating on a tight budget. You can speak with senior moving services near you to find out more about pricing options.

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