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Plano Senior Centers

Retired life in Plano offers you a wide array of social activities. You can choose what you want to do from a simple game of bingo to exercise and fitness to traveling the world. There is also a social scene if you are single. You will never be bored and lonely in Plano!

Put on your game face

If playing a friendly game and relaxing is your thing, the Plano Senior Center has one for you. There are various drop-in activities daily including bingo, bridge, and dominoes. They also offer golf and bowling if that is your game. Wait there’s more! Other programs include Bocce Ball, Horseshoe pit, game rooms, and pool tables.

Put on your thinking cap

Collin College offers Senior Active in Learning (SAIL) program, which is a participant-led learning program for students over the age of 55. These classes are non-credit, so it means no tests, grades, or papers to write. You will just learn with no pressure! There are a wide variety of courses including literature, history, art, music, socials sciences, and more. Your local library is another great source for learning opportunities.

The Parks and Recreation department also offers classes such as financial planning, computer basics, selling on Craigslist and other sites.

Put on your workout shoes

The City’s Recreation Center offers a wide variety of fitness classes including Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and more. You can also get a pool membership to utilize lap swimming or classes at the cost of $119 a year or $15 a month.

The Christ United Methodist Church also offers a variety of classes including Yoga, Tap, Karate, Tai Chi, and Circuit Training. These classes are either free or around $25 a session.

Put yourself in the spotlight

Sing your heart out at local senior homes with the Aaron Family JCC Chorus. For those of you who are tap dancers, Dallas Tap Dazzlers welcomes women age 45 and older to audition. The Spectacular Senior Follies puts on an extravagant production that showcases senior dancers, choruses, orchestras, and more.

Put on your helping hands

The Volunteers in Plano (VIP) works with the city to support and benefit the changing needs of the city. Placements include administrative, adult group projects, the police or fire department, the library, parks and recreation, and more.

The Senior Source offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and places older adult volunteers according to their specific areas of interest and skills.

Put on a smile

Friends will not be an issue for you in Plano. Between the recreation centers and various clubs, you are sure to make great friends. If you are single, there are plenty of clubs to help you meet that special someone. Check out Meetup for senior groups. You can find a group that meets your interests.

Put on your travel gear

The senior centers offer day trips if you would like to get out and about in the city or nearby. Want to see more? No problem. Check out Celebration’s travel section for trips including cruises. There are also several senior travel groups on Meetup, including Bucket List Travel Club with trips to Norway and Machu Picchu.

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