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Plano Retirement Planning

Plano seniors need to consider the details of their retirement plans. It is entirely too easy in your busy working years to put off the important factors that need to be thought about and planned for to reach your retirement goals.

In this Time Magazine article, you can read the results of a retirement survey by Transamerica. Transamerica surveyed more than 4,000 individuals about what they knew about saving for retirement, and more than half of them had nothing better than a guess.

This is why you need a certified financial planner who specializes in retirement planning.

The Plano, Texas area has many qualified financial planners that can help you realize your retirement goals.

Remember These Planning Topics

According to the CFP Board of Standards, you should consider many different topics when preparing for a financially secure and healthy retirement.

Estate planning to make sure your assets are disposed of according to your wishes

Geriatric health care and access to medical facilities

Long-term care planning to ensure you receive the care you need as you age

Insurance for the risks and inevitabilities of your senior years

Avoid Retirement Income Mistakes

Drawing down your retirement funds and collecting Social Security can bring unforeseen complications. The laws and regulations involved can be convoluted and difficult to interpret.

A good example is a relation between birth year and the amount of Social Security you’ll collect; apply too soon, and you’ll be paid much less per month or wait longer and realize a higher income.

When drawing down different types of retirement assets, tax liabilities can be increased or avoided by proper structuring.

A certified financial planner will have the experience and knowledge to keep you from making a costly mistake. A good planner will help you keep more of your money, and maximize your retirement income.

Can You Retire?

If you started your planning late, then a certified financial planner can evaluate your current circumstances and tell you if it’s possible to retire according to your plans.

Your planner will give you the most important information you can have; is there enough to retire on completely? With enough warning, you can arrange to retire later or find part-time work to maintain your standard of living.

When You Need to find a Financial Planner

You can start your search by asking trusted friends and family; find someone who already uses a financial planner.

Use the internet to conduct a search for nearby financial advisors to help you.

Barron’s maintains a list of the top-rated financial consultants in the Plano, Texas area.

The Better Business Bureau provides a list of BBB-Accredited financial planners in Texas.

The CF Board of Standards’ searchable database will let you narrow your search down using many separate parameters.

Get to Know Your Candidates

Once you have your list together, arrange to meet with each of them. Discuss your goals and what assets you have for your retirement. Make sure you choose a planner that will make the most of your assets to provide you the best retirement possible.

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