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Plano Neighborhood Guide

Plano, Texas is about 20 miles northeast of Dallas, so if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this would be a great suburb to check out. With a population of nearly 270,000, it still has a big city feel. Plano is often compared to Beverly Hills as one of the most affluent cities in the US with a booming economy and low unemployment rate.

Plano neighborhoods

The Dallas Morning News recently named West Plano as “The Best Neighborhood in North Texas” for the second consecutive year. The area is bursting with both residential and commercial development. There is abundant shopping, dining, and outdoor spaces like the 200-acre Arbor Hills Nature Preserve – there is truly something for everyone. The economy continues to boom in this area with the new Toyota headquarters, so this is good for the value of real estate.

If you wish to walk to your destination, check out Downtown Plano, which is teeming with performing arts, events, unique shops, restaurants, and historic buildings. Come frolic in Haggard Park or visit the Plano Station Dart Rail. There are apartments galore with the city high life feel. You will also have easy access to all the critical services such as hospitals and government offices. The Downtown area has been revitalized but still has the eclectic charm. The area has changed drastically as it was once a small farming community, and now it offers a variety of shops, housing, transportation, offices, and restaurants.

Great place to retire

Forbes ranked the “Best 25 Suburbs for Retirement in 2015,” and this list includes Plano because of its transportation access throughout the city, low crime rate, and abundant medical care availability. Plano is also among real estate site Movoto’s top 10 Dallas-area ‘burbs for retirees, for its choice of housing options, parks and recreation, and other activities like golf.

WalletHub analyzed the 150 largest cities in the US to find the best places to retire. They factored in items like cost of living, quality of life and health care conditions, and availability of recreational activities. Plano was ranked 52.

How to find your ideal neighborhood

You may have other factors you want to consider when choosing a neighborhood. Visit Neighborhood Scout, select your city, and then select your criteria such as quiet, trendy, and the average age of the neighborhood. If you want a detailed report, you will have to pay for the service, but you can get a few ideas with the free options.

Most importantly when determining your neighborhood, you want to choose one you can afford. Other things you should consider when selecting your neighborhood are access to necessities, entertainment availability, and closeness to loved ones. Spend time in these areas so you can get the “feel.”

Plano offers a wide variety of options for retirees. This is why Plano consistently makes lists for best retirement cities. It is affordable, safe, and diverse – all factors that are important for choosing a place to live.

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