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Plano Hospice Care

When you’re facing the end of your life, you face a lot of tough decisions about how to spend your final days and what will happen after you’re gone. Hospice care can be helpful for both of those situations by keeping you comfortable and supporting your family through a difficult and stressful time. While you might worry that you will have to leave your home to get hospice care, there are plenty of providers in Plano that will come to you. If your doctor has said it’s time to consider hospice and you want to learn more, here are a few things you should know.

Hospice Care Team

When you get hospice care, a group of professionals and trained individuals who know how to handle these kinds of situations will look after you. Each team member will have a specific role and will coordinate their efforts to give you the best care possible.

The leader of your team will be your doctor in partnership with the hospice director. Because your doctor knows you and your condition the best, they will be in charge of finding the right care for you and making sure they change things as you need them.

Nurses and in-home health aides also play a crucial role on your team especially since they are with you every day. They will do things like managing your pain, give you medication when necessary, and report on your condition so that if needed, they can make adjustments.

You might also have a homemaker come to your house to take care of cooking, cleaning, and any other little errands. These services allow you to spend more time with your family.

It’s important to take care of your mental state during this stage, so a clergy member, counselor, or social worker will be available to talk about the end of life process. They can also provide support to your family.

Trained hospice volunteers will also be available to give respite care as needed, run errands, or provide a listening ear.

You might also feel more comfortable by including some close friends on your care team. These people can sit with you if you need company or make sure your family is fed each night with a home-cooked meal.

Locating A Hospice Provider In Plano

You should start by asking your doctor if they have a provider they would prefer because often they will have someone to suggest. If they don’t, check the Texas & New Mexico Hospice Organization’s website for their provider directory. If you’re a veteran, you can look for hospice providers through the VA health system.

You can also search through because they have both in-home providers and inpatient facilities that have hospice care. For example, Cerna is an in-home care provider that offers hospice, and if you live at Heritage Manor, Collinwood Nursing & Rehab, The Waterford at Plano, or Sunrise of Plano, hospice care is a part of their continuum of care.

Paying for Hospice Care Services

You should start by looking at your insurance policies. Many private companies will cover hospice, and Medicare Part A is just for this kind of care. Eligible veterans can get in-home care or go to a facility with their VA benefits as long as it is an approved provider. Hospice care providers will also sometimes use a sliding-scale fee so that seniors who don’t have much money can afford care. Don’t be afraid to ask if the provider will work with you.

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