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Purchasing funeral services is rarely optional. At some point in time, a family will have to deal with the death of a loved one, and the survivors will have to make suitable arrangements. What you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations that dictate what the funeral service provider must do for you, and allow you to request.

There is a wide selection of funeral service providers in the Plano, Texas region. Read on to find out:

Your rights under the law

The funeral options available to you

How to find a reputable funeral home in the Plano area

Why budgeting is important

Your Rights Under the Law

The Federal Trade Commission states that funeral homes have to allow you to choose whatever options and items you wish without having to buy a pre-assembled package first.

Federal and state law also requires that funeral home owners must make their prices known to the public by phone or in written form.

Plano residents need to know that Texas law requires full disclosure of prices and related charges to funeral service consumers before even beginning a sales discussion.

More Rights You Have Under Law

Quality caskets and urns are expensive. You have the right to buy the casket or urn of your choice from any funeral products provider, and use that urn or casket at any Texas funeral home you choose.

In cases of cremation, you may have your loved one cremated in a container other than a coffin, regardless of where you live.

Embalming is not Legally Required

You have the right to embalm. The funeral home must have your permission before embalming your loved one. This is important for families who abide by religious mandates from embalming the bodies of the dead.

An Online Planning Tool

The Dignity Memorial Funeral Network has an online tool on their website that can help you plan a funeral. Use their website to see what funeral options are available for the survivors of former military, sports fans, culinary aficionados, or even people who want a funeral in the Creole tradition.

It’s Not Hard to Find a Reputable Funeral Home

It’s not hard to find a reputable funeral home, especially if you’re pre-planning. Start by using that old standby: the Better Business Bureau. Visit the BBB website and see a list of accredited funeral homes in the Plano region.

Verify the license status of the funeral homes you’re considering by visiting the Texas Funeral Commission’s website.

Make a Budget, Avoid Financial Stress

It’s important not to overextend yourself financially. In the emotional turmoil of a sudden death in the family, you can be convinced to spend more than you planned. Don’t add financial difficulties to the strain of a recent death. Make a budget and stick to it.

If possible, you can also find a funeral services provider that will allow you to pre-pay for your funeral needs. This is a good option to use to avoid the stress of expenses during a difficult period.

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