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Plano Estate Sales

The Plano-Dallas-Fort Worth area offers plenty of professional estate sales companies and appraisers to ensure your loved one’s estate receives the highest profit possible. These companies employ trained staff that understands the sentimental and emotional value of your family’s possessions. Call an estate sales company today to handle the enormous task for you.

What is the Estate Sales Process in Plano?

The estate sales process in Plano is similar to the procedures followed by other companies in Texas. An estate sales professional, and perhaps an appraiser, will conduct a free on-site consultation to see if the estate needs professional services, like Texas Star Estate Sales does for interested individuals representing estates in the area. Most estate sales companies work with avid collectors and serious antiquarians that are always on the lookout for high-quality pieces.

The estate sales company you choose should be insured and licensed and either employ or work closely with an appraiser certified through the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) or the International Society of Appraisers (ISA) to ensure higher prices for items. The company may request that you leave all of the cleaning to them as items can easily be damaged from inappropriate cleaning.

The company will provide staff to clean, sort, organize, photograph, and document each piece for the sale. Marketing and advertising are managed by the estate sales professionals and can include social media outlets, estate sales directories, or the company’s own website. Some companies, like JLA Treasures Estate Sales and Appraisals, keep a subscriber list to alert potential buyers about new sales or auctions they are holding in the Plano and Dallas area.

An estate sale may last one to three days or much longer if the estate is large. After the sale or auction concludes and all sales are finalized, you will receive a list of inventory sold and a list of remaining items. The company may provide you with suggestions for charitable organizations accepting donations or offer to remove the items for you.

The estate will receive a check minus commission and fees in less than 30 days.

How much does it Cost to Use Professional Estate Services?

Most of the time, you never have to pay out-of-pocket for estate sales services. The initial consultation is typically free or at a small cost. The company earns a commission fee of 10 to 25 percent on average of the total net proceeds. If the estate sales company provides extra services they may charge a higher commission fee of up to 35 percent.

How do I Find Estate Sales Services in the Plano Area?

Senior care directories and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) serving North Central Texas and Dallas may list estate sales companies in the Plano area with ratings and reviews.

Both the ISA and ASA operate databases of certified appraisers. The ISA currently lists 31 appraisers throughout the State of Texas.

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