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Plano Concierge Services

What do you picture when you think of concierge services? Staying in a fancy hotel and being waited on hand and foot? While this might have been how concierge services started, they have grown over the past few years, and now anyone anywhere can use them. Concierge services can help you find people that will take care of your house, help you with your errands, and any other task you might need. Seniors can benefit from these services because they don’t have to worry about doing difficult tasks on their own.

What Are Concierge Services?

Concierge services can cover a broad range of services, so you need to know what to look for if you’re going to use them. If you only have one thing you need help with, like walking your dog, you might be better off using a provider that specializes in that one task. If you have multiple tasks you need assistance with, you can use companies like Lifting The Burden. Lifting The Burden offers a variety of services and can help you go grocery shopping, deliver important documents, plan your vacation, or even wait for the cable guy to come to your house. There are plenty more concierge options in Plano and here are a few:

Amazon Home Services is a great resource if you want to see all available providers in your area. You can search for someone to mow your lawn, fix your computer, or take your car to get an oil change.

BrightStar Care offers a lot of different caregiving services, but you don’t need to have a caregiver to make use of their transportation services. If you don’t have a car they can help you get to your appointments, take you to run errands, or help you plan an outing.

Fresh Diet is a meal delivery service for Plano, Texas. All you have to do is select a plan and customize your menu, and fresh food is delivered to your door every day. You can even use a plan with a nutritionist for individual dietary needs.

Mayers Maid Service can help you with all of your housecleaning needs. They have a weekly maid service, window washing, deep cleaning, and move out/in cleaning. If you’re worried about harsh cleaning chemicals, they also offer green cleaning.

New Leaf is a concierge service company that offers senior-specific services. These services can help you stay at home longer by providing daily walks, healthy meals, and monitor the safety of your home.

Porch is a site where you can search for local professionals to help you with your house. Whether you need a repairman or want to redo the interior of your house, you can find a contractor through Porch.

Rover helps you find dog walkers or pet sitters right in your area. You enter your price range and the services you need and the site will give you a list of potential providers.

Shipt can deliver your groceries without you ever having to leave your house. You shop online on their app and then someone will pick up the items and bring them to your home. Currently, you can shop at Kroger and Central Market for the Plano area.

Sparta Pet Sitting & Dog Walking has a full range of pet services. You can have someone walk your dog daily or have someone stay with your pet for the day while you’re gone. They also offer pet transportation to the vet, pet boarding, and waste clean-up.

Tom Thumb is a local grocery store, and if this is your normal store, then you can take advantage of their grocery delivery service. Just shop online for your regular items and then they will be delivered right to your door.

Picking Your Providers

There are many concierge service providers in the Plano area, and if you’re interested in using these services, you need to do your homework. Remember, these people will be in your house and around you, so you want them to do a good job and be trustworthy. A good way to check out various providers is to read online reviews or ask for suggestions from friends. You can also call and talk with each provider to see what services they offer and how they compare to other companies. Concierge services should make your life easier and by finding the right one you won’t have to worry.

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