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Plano Alzheimer's Care

Memory care is important for those suffering from Alzheimer’s. It helps to keep the mind as strong as possible as the disease begins to take over and causes cognitive function to be lost. Support groups are available in the Plano area to ensure anyone suffering can receive guidance from others who are struggling in the same way. Family members and caregivers also have support groups to attend so they too can find support in this trying time.

Caregiver’s Day Out is one option for family, while Changing Gears is for those who have started to experience Alzheimer’s symptoms. It is an eight-week program that provides education on the disease. The class transitions into a continuing support group. Both opportunities are available through the Alzheimer’s Association.

Finding Facts on Alzheimer’s in Texas and Plano

There are 18 different memory care facilities in Plano, Texas.

Dementia diagnostic centers, geriatric psychiatrists, and neurologists are all available to help patients receive the correct diagnosis.

Texas ranks second in the country for the number of deaths due to Alzheimer’s.

The number of cases of Alzheimer’s in Texas is high, makes it rank fourth in the country.

Handling Alzheimer’s Care in a Home

A nursing home offers Alzheimer’s care to residents. They receive round the clock care thanks to the fact that there are always nurses on staff. Meals are often provided, and there are activities available that will keep people engaged and active. The activities range from exercise opportunities to arts and crafts. The main importance of these facilities is to keep careful track of all residents to ensure they are safe at all times.

Costs of Alzheimer’s Care in Plano

Alzheimer’s care is a high cost to consider. The price fluctuates depending on the amount of services needed, such as requiring only a routine check or wanting companionship, medication management, and assistance with daily chores and tasks. Encore Memory Care Day Stay is one option in the Plano area. The average price is around $500 for a daily stay, depending on the activities participated in. Those who require more medical attention will pay a higher fee than those who simply need a place to stay throughout the day and want to participate in social activities. It can cost up to $200 just for a nurse to come directly to your home, with no activities offered like the day stay center has, making the price worthwhile.

Paying for Plano Care

While a full-service day stay center may be worthwhile to pay once in awhile, it may not be an investment you can make every day. You can find a local organization that offers free day stays for your loved one when you are tight on money. It helps you save, yet still gives your family member the social time they need. Friends Place Adult Day Services is not a completely free service, but it is covered under many insurance plans. Some locations are also partnered with the VA North Texas Health Care System, which offers discounted prices and even free activities to veterans.

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