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Plano Aging In Place

Your home is where you feel most comfortable and as you age there is no reason you can’t stay in an environment you love. Aging in place services allow you the ability to get the health care you need or assistance you require going about your day without having to leave for a nursing home or assisted living facility. Homemakers can care for your house by cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, and cooking food, and there are home health aides that will care for you by checking your vital signs, helping you after surgery, monitor preexisting conditions, and assist you with daily grooming. Plano has plenty of options when it comes to these services so not only do you not have to leave your house, but also you don’t even have to leave your city.

Who Will Pay For In-Home Care?

The cost of this kind of care might not be entirely up to you and if you have a doctor that has confirmed you need in-home care; you can get reimbursed for the cost of these services. The Texas Department of Disabilities and Aging Services can also help qualified seniors cover the cost of things like homemakers, home health aides, and home repairs. If you’re a veteran, you could get financial assistance through your VA benefits. Just check your coverage to see what is available.

How Much Will This Care Cost?

You have to factor in several variables when you look at the cost of home care services. Not every senior will need care every day, which can lower the cost, and some seniors will only need a few services. Where you live can also change the cost of care. The average nationwide for homemakers and home health aides is $3,800 per month.

Plano’s averages for both home health aides and homemakers is around $3,813 per month, so they are relatively close to the national average. When you break it down, the cost is around $125 per day and that is if you use it every day. Remember, these are just averages, and you can find providers that cost both less and more money.

What Should I Look For In A Provider?

You want to do your homework when it comes to an in-home care provider because these are the people that will care for your wellbeing. They will also be in your home, so you want reliable service providers. Start by asking friends, relatives, and even your doctor if they have any suggestions. You can also go online and visit the Better Business Bureau of Plano to look at each provider’s profile. These profiles include reviews so you can get a feel for each company.

Once you have found a few good service providers, call and ask them plenty of questions. You should only choose companies that have the right license as well as insurance. How they hire their employees is also important and you should pick a place that uses background checks and other screenings. If you have any questions about payment or scheduling procedures, make sure to ask before you sign a contract.

Can I Use Other Care Options?

The growth of online providers and the popularity of concierge services means that it’s easier than ever to find the kind of care you need. Perhaps you don’t need someone checking in on you daily, but you do need a person to walk your dog, just head online to find what you need. can help you find dog walkers and pet sitters while Favor or TaskRabbit is a great site to find assistance with your random chores or errands. and Amazon Home Services are perfect for finding professionals that can help you with home repairs and improvements. Handy is a good place to look for house cleaners in your area.

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