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Medicare in Plano

Are you or your family eligible to receive Medicare benefits? If so, there are plenty of local, state, and national agencies dedicated to helping Plano residents navigate the federal Medicare program.

What is Medicare?

Disabled adults and seniors over the age of 65 may qualify for health coverage through the Medicare Program. Original Medicare is administered directly through the federal government and each year helps thousands of families living throughout Plano to access medically necessary services. Part A of the program covers inpatient care and certain home health services, while part B covers outpatient care, doctor’s visits, and preventative care. Beneficiaries can add prescription drug coverage to their plan through Medicare Part D.

Medicare Advantage, or Part C, offers health plans through private insurance companies that contract with Medicare. Part C plans provide the same coverage that Original Medicare offers, and often includes additional services such as vision or dental. Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans help policyholders to cover the cost of monthly medications.

Fast facts about Medicare in Plano

According to the Collin County Medicare Spending & Usage:

In 2014, 79,722 Collin County residents had Medicare coverage.

The average age of Plano Medicare beneficiaries was 72 in 2014.

Almost 30% of Medicare spending in Collin County goes towards inpatient care for beneficiaries.

More than 9% of Collin County Medicare spending helps to pay for home health care services.

8% of Collin County Medicare spending helps to cover the cost of nursing care.

Where can Plano Medicare beneficiaries find assistance?

Ten Regional Offices help the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to connect with state officials, health care providers and individuals living across the United States. Plano beneficiaries can call, email, or visit the Dallas Regional CMS Office, located just a half hour drive away, in order to access professional benefits assistance and educational resources.

Dallas Region 6 Office

1301 Young Street, Room 714

Dallas, TX 75202

(214) 767-6423

[email protected]

If you don’t wish to drive to the Dallas Regional CMS Office, you can travel via the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) system. Visitors can reach the office by taking the Light Rail to Akard Station, located just half a mile away, or they can get to the nearby Young & Akard Street bus stop by taking the 278 or 283 line.

How can I find local Medicare providers?

Medicare beneficiaries who are looking for local health providers can hop online to check out the Medicare physician search tool. Patients can find details about in-network providers in their neighborhood, including contact information, group affiliations, and what type of Medicare payments they accept. There are over 100 family practice physicians in Plano that accept Medicare patients, and over two dozen geriatric medicine specialists.

If you are looking for long-term care options in your neighborhood, you can look up nearby nursing homes to find out how they hold up against state and national average scores for health inspections, staffing, patient satisfaction, and other quality measures. You can also compare nearby hospitals, dialysis centers, home health agencies and medical suppliers.

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