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Medicaid In Plano

Texas seniors rely heavily on Medicaid benefits with almost half of the nursing home population on Medicaid. Many older people in Plano also use Medicaid to pay for trips to the doctor or dentist as well as for prescription drugs, outpatient services, hospice care, and lab work. There are many other services that are covered by Medicaid. If you think you’re eligible for these benefits, you need to know where to go in Plano to find help. Here are some of the resources available to you.

Qualifying For Texas Medicaid

Not every senior will be able to qualify for Medicaid benefits. This program is primarily for low-income families, so you will have to meet a certain income level based on your family size and you won’t be able to own any expensive assets other than your house and car. Seniors need to be at least 65 years old, blind, disabled, or need constant care for at least 30 days. You can check your eligibility by using this prescreening tool.

Where Can You Go For Help With Claims And Applying In Plano?

You have a few options for applying for Medicaid benefits in Plano. Online is going to be the fastest and most likely the simplest way. You can go to either the Your Texas Benefits portal or to complete your application.

You don’t have to apply online if you aren’t comfortable with that option. If you want to apply in person or talk with someone face to face about your application, you can go to any Health and Human Services Commission office. There are numerous locations around the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but the closest office to Plano is located at:

5455 Blair Road, Dallas, Texas (214) 750-4619

If you can’t make it to that location, you can find other offices through the Your Texas Benefits website. You can also have an application sent to you, and you can fill it out and mail it back if that is easier for you. If you want to apply online but don’t have a computer or access to the internet, you can visit any one of the five Plano Public Libraries and use their computers. You will need to have a valid library card or a free computer access card with a proper form of ID.

What Does Medicaid Cover In Corpus Christi?

Seniors can expect regular Medicaid benefits to cover services like outpatient care, hospital or nursing home stays, prescription drugs, doctor’s visits, medical supplies, and lab work. You might also be able to get coverage for things like adult day care services, in home health care, long-term care, and hospice care. Coverage can vary state to state so make sure you know exactly what your plan covers. It’s also important to only use providers that accept Medicaid to use your benefits. You can find a list of approved nursing homes through the Department of Aging and Disability Services, and you can use the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership database to check any other provider.

Medicaid Transportation In Corpus Christi

Getting to your appointments can be difficult for some seniors especially if they don’t have a car or can no longer drive. Texas Medicaid can help you out and arrange for any non-emergency ride. They can also reimburse anyone who does take you to a Medicaid approved appointment. You should call (855) 687-3255 at least two days before your appointment to schedule a ride.

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