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How Much Does Plano In-Home Care Cost?

If you are planning in-home care in the Plano, TX area, then following a proven method to understanding and choosing your service provider is key.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of people 65 and older in the United States is expected to increase to 55 million in 2020. That number continues to grow an estimated 70 million by 2030. Are you ready to choose your in-home care provider?

Points for Plano In-home Care

Compared to other states, Texas ranks 28th for Long-Term Care and 41st for America's Health Rankings based on America's Health Ranking statistics.

Plano, in particular, is home to 6,142 working seniors, 21% of those being veterans.

Within the Plano, TX area footprint, there are over 48 known Home Care agencies.

What are the Costs and Services in Plano

When one is planning in-home care service, understanding the costs and services that come with the various agencies is critical.

Finding the right provider that offers a flexible schedule with scaling rates can help you plan for a more comprehensive care package while making the most out of the cost.

Prices vary based on services which typically include, total numbers of hours worked, and peak vs. non-peak time. Also, care packages will include support activities such as medication reminders, light housekeeping, and social activities, whereas more specific tasks not listed as general care, may be additional.

Planning Your Level of In-Home Need

There are four basic tiers of in-home need:

Level 1 – Respite care, geared for light caring and short periods of time.

Level 2 – Part-time care offers a 2 to 3-day routine freeing up one for weekly errands.

Level 3 - Provides a full-time option, including many of the standard services such as light housekeeping and food preparation.

Level 4- Is catered to those who need around the clock supervision and care. Particularly well fitted for those who cannot take care of themselves at all.

How to Decide Which Service Provider to Use

So how do you decide on which service provider to use? Well, the first question you have to ask is if you are going to do the research and hiring yourself, or use a placement agency.

Placement agencies are perfect for those looking for basic care needs. They offer a broad range of services that best fit your needs. If you require a more “strict” care regiment, then searching on your own gives you the flexibility to interview potential clients and ask the questions you need answered.

Both options are viable to choosing a well polished and reputable in-home care company; it comes down to personal preference.

Caring for the elderly doesn't' have to be a burden when there are so many excellent options and in-home care providers in the area.

So if you live in Plano, know your resources, check your needs, and plan a budget when checking into which in-home care options are best for you and your family.

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