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Caregiving in Plano, TX

If you provide care for a family member or loved one, it’s more effort than a full-time job. It’s a good idea to have help from additional people, and there are many Plano resources that can provide a helping hand. Here we’ll discuss options for when you need a break or a little assistance, as well as what to do if you need someone to take over short or long-term.

Ways to take a short break

Caregiving can be physically and emotionally draining. To stay healthy and keep your energy up, it’s important to schedule a break for yourself every week. Here’s a few ways to carve out a little “me” time.

Concierge services can take items off your to-do list by helping you run errands and delivering directly to your door.

Adult day programs are safe places licensed by the state you can take a senior loved one during the day where they will be fed a hot lunch, and provided with personal care assistance, as well as opportunities to socialize, participate in activities, and take group fitness classes. Some adult day care facilities also accept patients with dementia. Median daily costs for adult day programs in the Dallas area (which includes Plano) are $61.

In-home respite care is an option if your loved one is homebound, or you’re unable to drive them to an adult day program. Homemakers or home health aides will visit your home and provide care for your loved one during the workday. This service costs a median of $125 per day in the area.

Caregivers who need to take a longer break can look at residential respite care as an interim care solution. In Plano, you’ll find over a dozen facilities like Brookdale Creekside who provide short-term care options. The median cost for daily care in Plano is $122 in an assisted living facility and $203 for a private room in a nursing home.

The Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services has a helpful online tool, the respite care finder, that’s a great place to start looking for care solutions in your area. also provides several helpful resources, including user reviews, star ratings, and pricing for communities in Plano.

Sometimes you need support too

Caregivers may find that their friends and family don’t always understand their daily challenges and may want a safe place to chat with their peers. Support groups are a great way to share ideas and meet others in the area that shares your responsibilities and concerns. There are many groups to choose from, and it’s important to find one where you like the vibe. Here are a few places to begin your search:

The Alzheimer’s Association Greater Dallas holds monthly support groups in the Plano area for caregivers and patients who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The North Central Texas Area Agency on Aging also provides programs and services specifically for caregivers. Contact them for more information about support groups and opportunities in the Plano area.

Taking a long-term break from providing care

It’s possible that you’ll have a life-changing event, like having a new baby or moving across the state that will make it impossible to continue to provide care. If this happens, you’ll likely need to make the difficult decision as to which care option is now best for your loved one. Whether you’re considering hiring full-time live-in help in the home or choosing an assisted living or nursing home facility, there are community resources that can assist you.

The Senior Source has elder care specialists who are able to talk you through the logistics of your choices as they relate to caregiving. They can connect you to local resources, and even help you locate a case manager to work beside you in the process.

Sometimes, it doesn’t take a life-changing event to get burned out and need a break. Be sure to keep a close eye on your health and mental attitude, and ask for help from any of these resources or others when you need it to avoid burnout. Maintaining your own health is an important part of giving great care to your loved one.

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