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Pittsburgh Senior Realtors

Seniors will never mind moving in with their children for a few weeks if the move means that they get to spend more time with their grandchildren. However, when seniors have to leave the place they have worked so hard to own and the place they have made so many memories for good, the chances are that they will not enjoy the move at all.

However, the move is easier with assistance from a senior realtor. Senior realtors have special training to help seniors through any financial, emotional, and physical challenges they can experience during the transfer of home ownership.

Difference Between Your Average Realtor And A Senior Realtor

A senior realtor has all the knowledge, experience, and qualifications a professional realtor has, the main difference between the two is that senior realtors have gone through additional courses to help them take care of seniors and their needs. An average realtor in Pittsburgh goes through either the Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation or the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) course to become a senior realtor.

Whom Do Senior Realtors in Pittsburgh Serve?

Anyone over the age of 50 qualifies to have the senior realtors guide them through the sale, purchase, refinancing, or whatever else that needs to happen to any property they have connections with. Seniors represent the fastest growing real estate market in America, and they need special realtors because they have more demands than the younger clients do.

The Best Time To Call A Senior Realtor In Pittsburgh

It is important to call a senior realtor whenever a senior wants to engage in a transaction that will involve the sale or purchase of property. The above professionals help seniors to meet their most desired outcome within their budget and with the least possible stress.

Senior realtors can come in to help a senior through the downsizing process because downsizing is a reality that all seniors face when they are moving out of their family homes. Senior realtors know the best downsizers available to work with the seniors, and they can get them for you.

Senior realtors have the relevant training to help seniors work through their challenges throughout the transition process because the transition can get very emotional for seniors who seem to be losing so much over a short period.

Senior realtors have connections with professionals such as attorneys, social workers, CPAs, and others who are crucial for seniors where all legal documents, health care, and finances need to be set in order.

Senior realtors will help seniors to avoid loans designed to take advantage of seniors, and help seniors discover how they can use their pension, 401K plans, and even reverse mortgage to get equity.

Where Can You Find A Senior Realtor Specialist In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has numerous Senior Real Estate Specialists who are ready to offer their services to seniors in buying, selling, or renting property. A list of the accredited professionals is available on the SRES website. Another list of Senior Real Estate Specialists is on LinkedIn, where professionals have their business and personal profiles up for everyone to access.

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