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Pittsburgh Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Acting as a family caregiver can be a stressful job. If you provide care at home for a friend or relative, you may occasionally find yourself feeling stretched thin. Luckily, overworked caregivers in Pittsburgh are able to turn to nearby respite services and adult day care programs for temporary relief.

What to expect from adult day care and respite care programs

Adult day programs operate during business hours, allowing family caregivers to leave their loved ones in skilled hands while they concentrate on a job, childcare, health concerns, or other personal matters. While many facilities only offer care Mondays through Fridays, some programs offer additional evening and weekend hours. Residential care facilities such as nursing homes or assisted living centers are able to provide overnight respite care when needed. Transportation services may be available for caregivers who are unable to provide their loved one with a reliable ride.

Every adult day program is different, but they all share common features. Every certified program provides personal care services, nutritionally balanced meals, and often, basic health services. Some facilities may offer more extensive medical care than others, such as those that are geared towards Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.

Adult day programs not only offer peace of mind for family caretakers, but also provide seniors with the opportunity to stay active and socialize. Staff members organize safe, structured activities such as art and gardening classes, craft sessions, holiday parties and more to keep seniors engaged throughout the day. Some programs even arrange regular field trips and outings to local hotspots.

How to find an adult day care provider in Pittsburgh

Allegheny County families can choose from over two dozen locally-based adult day care centers that strive to meet the unique needs and schedules of each individual senior resident. More than half of these facilities operate out of Pittsburgh, including popular centers such as:

The Anathan Club Allentown Adult Day Care Penn Hills Senior Center The Stephen Foster Community Center LIFE Pittsburgh’s three locations in Northshore, Greentree and the Allegheny Center

With so many adult day care options to choose from, families may feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding the right program. The Pennsylvania Department of Aging offers a handy search tool that helps seniors to locate the adult day care center closest to their home and view its latest inspection records. You can also learn more about respite care providers in your neighborhood by contacting the Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging at:

2100 Wharton Street Pittsburgh, PA, 15203 Phone: (412) 350-4234

Covering the costs of adult day care

Adult day care costs a median price of just $59 per day in Pittsburgh, making it the cheapest respite care option for families that can’t leave their loved one home alone. A room in a local assisted living facility costs residents twice as much per day, while in-home care can cost more than $144 daily.

Despite the low cost of adult day care services, some Pittsburgh families still find themselves struggling to pay the bills. If you suspect that you or your loved one may require full-time home care in the future, you should look into long-term care insurance options that cover respite services. Low-income seniors who don’t have private insurance may be eligible for adult day care coverage through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging’s Medicaid waiver.

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