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Pittsburgh Rehab Centers

When an individual goes through a traumatic experience such as a heart attack, a stroke, illness, or even an accident, he or she needs care that only a hospital with professional doctors and nurses can provide. However, the recovery process might require the above individual to move to a nursing home, since such a facility is comfortable and built for patients who require long-term care.

Receiving rehabilitation care in a nursing home is ideal especially for seniors since at least a third of all patients in nursing homes are there for short-term rehab care. When your doctor talks of moving you or a loved one to a rehab, here is what to expect.

What Goes On In Rehabs In Pittsburgh?

Since patients go to rehabs to receive treatment and care for the short-term and go back to their normal daily routines after they have their health back, the caregivers must make sure to admit patients that they can help. Caregivers assess the conditions of all patients coming their way and establish the needs that all their patients have.

The caregivers come up with a daily care plan for every individual and take him or her through the treatment for the period they are in the rehab. Some patients can receive care five days a week while others need to go through treatment every day, which means that each care plan is unique from patient to patient.

Which Are The Best Rehabs In Pittsburgh?

Most of the nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Pittsburgh have rehabs; the only challenge is choosing the best one for you or your loved one. If your doctor has not recommended a particular rehab for you, you can visit to get a list of some of the top rehabs in Pittsburgh. Here are a few:

Healthsouth Harmarville Rehab – This is the best rehab for patients who have gone through all types of experiences and need to get better.

The Rehabilitation and Nursing Center at Greater Pittsburgh – This rehab focuses on providing the highest level of care, treatment, and clinical standards.

Schenley Gardens – The rehab center here helps patients to focus all their energy on healing by offering occupational, physical, and other types of therapies.

If you know of a medical professional, a friend, or a neighbor who knows of or has experience with the services of a particular rehab, you can ask them to assist you in your search.

What To Look For In A Rehab Before Signing In

Before signing into a rehab, make sure it has:

A good reputation among the former and current patients as well as the staff.

Skilled caregivers and physicians available in the institution round the clock.

An excellent record with all inspectors.

Proper programs and equipment to meet your rehab need.

A clean and friendly atmosphere.

Who Pays For Rehab Care In Pittsburgh?

The Government – The state and federal governments offer Medicare, Medicaid, and Grants. For an individual to benefit from assistance from the government, he or she must meet certain requirements outlined in the various covers.

Friends And Family – Friends and family members, are always willing to help a loved one in need of assistance. You can reach out to such people to help you cover your medical expenses.

You – If you have any savings stored away for such situations, you can use that money. You can even sell a valuable possession that might fetch you some good money to pay the bills.

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