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Pittsburgh Hospitals

Taking care of your health is important throughout your entire life. As you age, that importance increases. Seniors need to take proper care of their health in order to make the most of the life they have. This means regular trips to a doctor, particularly a geriatrician, who can better help you maintain your health. Pittsburgh doctors are plentiful.

UPMC Shadyside

Adults over the age of 60 can receive care at UPMC Shadyside. The clinic has experts who not only provide care, but also education to patients and their caregivers. Counseling and psychotherapy options are also available. Management of prescriptions, fall prevention tips, and assistance with bladder control are just a few of the services offered at Shadyside. The facility is also available for additional services, such as surgery options, emergency situations, cancer care, and digestive disorders.

Magee-Women’s Hospital

Magee-Women’s Hospital offers a Cancer Center that is part of UPMC. Medical Oncology and Radiation Oncology are the two focuses, while Surgery Oncology is a final option. There is Palliative Care available to those suffering from the disease. It works to alleviate symptoms and lessen pain in hopes of providing a peaceful end to life.

A special Geriatric Medicine field has been integrated into Magee. Both women and men can join the program in order to receive preventative care for memory problems. Those over the age of 65 are welcome. Those that already have a primary physician can simply consult with the staff at Magee on health matters, if they need a second opinion.

West Penn Hospital

West Penn Hospital offers various specialties and services. It is an academic medical center offering inpatient, outpatient, and emergency care services. There are over 300 beds available to patients. Numerous outpatient centers are part of the hospital system, such as the Diabetes Center, Cancer Care, Institute of Pain Medicine, Medical Short Stay Center, Physical Therapy, and the Sleep Disorder Center. Each of these are popular options for seniors looking for care.

UPMC Senior Care - Benedum Geriatric Center

The University of Pittsburgh Division of Geriatric Medicine includes Benedum Geriatric Center. Senior care is offered at this location, with an initial visit that lasts roughly two hours. New patients require extensive screening to determine what, if any, illnesses and complications are present. Once these are determined, the doctors can discover the proper treatment solutions.

Pittsburgh Physicians List

Patients can seek their own physicians by scouring through the Pittsburgh physicians list online. The University of Pittsburgh offers the “Find a Doctor” search tool. Users can search by zip code or specialty, and choose if they would like a male or female doctor. They can even select from a list of participating hospitals in and around the area. Those interested in calling instead can contact the help line at (1-800) 533-8762. The line is available between Monday and Friday, from the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Many of the doctors specialize in Internal or Family Medicine, with a sub-specialty in Geriatrics.

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