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Pittsburgh Elder Law Attorneys

Did you know that seniors often face legal issues as they enter their retirement years? Not many people realize this and if you aren’t prepared you could be dealing with complicated and money-draining issues when you should be enjoying your golden years. Elder law attorneys can help you deal with insurance companies, housing or health care providers, various government agencies, and also help you write your will and plan your estate. Their expertise can make handling these legal battles simple and their respect for your wishes will put your mind at ease while you get the most out of retirement.

The Importance Of An Elder Law Attorney

Many issues pertaining to seniors tend to be intertwined and one decision on something can affect other areas of your life. For instance, the benefits you get from your VA pension are affected by your personal assets and your personal assets can change with an inheritance, therefore, changing your VA pension. Elder law attorneys know how to handle these issues better than any other attorney because it’s what they do all day every day.

Elder law attorneys are also key players in the senior community and many are connected to various groups and organizations. They are also highly attuned to the emotional needs of their clients and can help them beyond their legal battles. Elder law attorneys are a great resource to have in and out of the courtroom for both seniors and their families.

Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

Seniors are the most obvious group who should hire an elder law attorney especially if they have concerns about any problem related to their senior status. It’s also a good idea for the family members of seniors to seek the advice of an elder law attorney when it comes to things like conservatorship, legal guardianship, or you’re worried that your loved one has been taken advantage of financially or physically. Relatives can also call an elder law attorney if their senior family member is no longer to make decisions of their own will.

When To Hire An Elder Law Attorney

If you’re a senior, the best time to hire an elder law attorney is as soon as you start to plan your estate. Estate planning is tricky business sometimes and it is much easier to let an elder law attorney guide you through the process. They can take care of things like advance healthcare directives and federal benefits and understand the relationship between asset ownership and transfer so that you and your family can have a secure future.

There are other times to contact an attorney such as when you have questions about:


VA pensions

Senior housing

Age discrimination

Long-term care options

Senior abuse

Claims and appeals

Your elder law attorney may or may not specialize in your particular need so make sure they do before you continue with their services.

Where To Find An Elder Law Attorney

Start by asking family and friends if they have any suggestions on attorneys in your area. You can also talk to other local lawyers and see if they have any referrals for your needs. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and the National Elder Law Foundation allow you to search your state for attorneys. You can also search online at Super Lawyers to find the top elder law attorneys in your city.

The Pennsylvania State Bar Association also has a lawyer referral service that you can call to find lawyers in your county that practice elder law. You might also be able to qualify for legal aid services if you meet the income level requirements.

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