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Pittsburgh Concierge Services

If you wish there were more hours in the day to get everything done, now you can delegate those extra tasks to a concierge service at an affordable rate. Concierge assistants can grocery shop, deliver restaurant meals, take care of your pets, and help with home repairs. You can find several of these companies in the Pittsburgh area.

Concierge Service Suggestions in Pittsburgh

Large concierge service companies like Taskrabbit and Amazon Home Services allow you to post tasks or special projects that you need done. The site will match you up with local providers or contractors. You can review the proposals and bids before choosing an individual to negotiate terms. You can find contractors for home repair, lawn and garden, furniture assembly, computer and electronics assistance, personal tasks, and pet care. is another concierge service directory where you can find errand runners with an average rate of $12 per hour or personal assistants with an average rate of $12.25 per hour. You can review the providers listed and find one to fit your needs and budget.

GrubHub is a restaurant delivery service you can utilize when you want a hot meal delivered to your door, whether you are a busy caregiver or a house bound senior. The delivery fees vary depending on eateries, but are typically less than $5. You can place a minimum order from restaurants like Pizza Care, Zen Asian Diner, and The South Paw.

Amen Concierge provides Pittsburgh area families and seniors with concierge services like running errands, grocery shopping, meal delivery, organizing, down-sizing, moving assistance, and senior services. The staff has experience with seniors, visually impaired clients, and dementia patients.

Luxury Concierge offers senior discounts for personal assistant services in the area. These services include grocery shopping, pet care, meal delivery, picking up and dropping off dry cleaning, take out delivery, and personal shopping. Contact the company for a complimentary consultation.

L and N Concierge helps out the busy caregiver by scheduling appointments and reminders, making reservations and travel arrangements, picking up prescriptions and dry cleaning, personal shopping, coordinating home cleaning services, walking your dog, and many more tasks.

Another Mother is a concierge service in Pittsburgh that can do the grocery shopping and delivery, laundry, and cleaning when you do not have the time or are physically unable. The company will shop for you at stores like Giant Eagle, Target, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Rite Aid, and CVS. You will be billed for the amount of your purchase plus $25.00 for the first store. Additional stores are charged as the amount of the purchases plus $17.50 for each store. Laundry is charged by the pound at $1.50 per pound plus a $5 delivery fee. House cleaning charges vary depending on the size of your home, but a one bedroom apartment with one bathroom, kitchen, and living room is $120.

Choosing a Concierge Service in Pittsburgh

When choosing a reliable concierge service in the city, research and compare companies online. Many providers conduct background checks, insure, and train employees, so ask the provider if this is their policy before hiring. You can find some ratings and reviews on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website.

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