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Pittsburgh Aging In Place

If you had the choice of where you would like to age, you would probably put your own home at the top of the list. Luckily you do have the choice of where you would like to age and with a growing number of services helping seniors stay in their homes longer you can make that desire a reality. Whether you live in Bloomfield or Squirrel Hill, you can find service to help you stay in your home like homemakers that will maintain your home and home health aides that will help maintain your health.

Paying For In-Home Care

If your doctor has stated that you can no longer stay in your home safely without care, then chances are good that you can find financial help to cover these services. If you’re a low-income senior your Medicaid benefits can help cover your costs and veterans can use their VA benefits. Long-term care insurance is another option and if you already have a policy go over it to see what services it will cover. The Allegheny County Area Agency on Aging has programs that can help qualified seniors stay in their homes longer.

Total Cost of In-Home Care

The total cost of in-home care is going to have a few different variables and will look different for each senior. Where you live, the type of care you require, and how often you need to use care are all going to affect your total cost. The national monthly average for homemaker and home health aid services is around $3,800.

The average costs in Pittsburgh are a bit higher than the national averages. For homemakers, you can expect to pay around $4,290 per month and home health aides will cost around $4,385 per month. This works out to about $141 per day for a homemaker and $144 per day for a home health aide. This costs might seem high but they are just an average range of services in the area and don’t necessarily mean you will pay this price.

Looking For A Provider

Take your time while looking for a provider to find one that will meet your needs and schedule. Asking your friends, neighbors, and relatives is a good idea as is talking with your healthcare provider to find out their suggestions. You should also look at websites like the Better Business Bureau of Pittsburgh to get an idea of how customers liked different providers through their user reviews.

Once you have a few places you’re interested in, start asking questions. Find out if they have insurance and if they’re bonded and make sure they have all the proper licensing. Because their employees will be in your home, find out about their hiring procedures and if they conduct background checks. You will also want to know what their payment plans are and how they handle their schedules. Ask any and all questions before you sign a contract and start using their services.

Additional In-Home Care Resources

Nothing says you have to use a homemaker or a home health aide as your only forms of in-home care. There are plenty of options and the biggest benefit to in-home care is that you can build your own care plan based on what you need and the internet is a great place to find help through various services. is a great option if you need a dog walker or pet sitter and Handy is a great place to check if you need your house cleaned. Try TaskRabbit if you have a chore or errand that you need assistance with and if your home needs some extra attention because of broken appliances or other house repairs look on and Amazon Home Services. You want to do your research here too so ask as many questions as you can beforehand.

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