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Medicaid in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh seniors have access to Medicaid to assist with the costs associated with their health care. In fact, in the state of Pennsylvania, over half of the care specific to seniors is funded by the program. Medicaid subsidizes hospice care, adult day care, long-term care, in-home medical care, and medical transportation services for qualified applicants. If you’re wondering whether you meet the criteria to receive Medicaid, read the helpful overview of the program below and the services offered in Pittsburgh.

What are the eligibility criteria for Medicaid in Pennsylvania?

In order to be eligible to receive Medicaid benefits in the state of Pennsylvania you must be a senior age 65 or older, or an adult with a long-term disability in need of a minimum of 30 days of continual medical treatment. Applicants must also have limited assets outside of their home value, and a low income to qualify for the program.

Where can I submit an application or get more information about benefits?

The simplest way to access Medicaid application and benefits information is through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare portal, COMPASS. Here you can set up a new account, submit an application for Medicaid assistance, access your benefits information, and check the status of an open or pending claim.

If you would prefer to apply on-site, you can stop by the Office of Children, Youth and Families at 11 Stanwix Street Room 260 in Pittsburgh or call them at (412)-565-2339 with questions. The Helpline is available during normal business hours toll-free at 1-800-692-7462.

Seniors can also contact the Allegheny County Department for Aging for advice and assistance with obtaining Medicaid benefits. Their office is located in Birmingham Towers at 2100 Wharton Street, 2nd Floor in Pittsburgh or they may be reached by phone at 412-350-5460 or toll-free 800-344-4319.

What medical services are included as part of Medicaid benefits?

Medicaid provides funding to cover normal medical care for recipients. This includes visits to the dentist, doctor, specialists, and hospital, as well as prescriptions and refills, x-rays, and testing or lab work. Seniors who have conditions that require more in-depth care like nursing home care, adult day programs, and hospice services can apply for these services as well.

Long-term and adult day care facilities need to be Medicaid certified and approved in order to qualify. You can search this directory for providers who meet these criteria, or you can simply inquire with your desired facility if they accept Medicaid as an insurance source.

Medical appointment transportation in Pittsburgh

The state of Pennsylvania offers a Medical Assistance Transportation Program (MATP) to seniors who are unable to drive themselves to and from their medical appointments. In Pittsburgh, you’ll call the Allegheny County coordinator at 888-547-6287 several days before your appointment to arrange transport. There is also an option for mileage reimbursement for seniors who are able to drive to their appointments but need assistance with paying for fuel. Full details of the programs can be found on the MATP website.

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