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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in Phoenix

Employment changes are one thing that many seniors have in common. Whether you’re looking for a new job to keep you busy during retirement, or you’re changing positions for other reasons, chances are other mature employees are in the same situation. In fact, AARP conducted a study in 2015 that showed it takes seniors longer to find new employment, and are offered fewer hours and less money than in previous positions. Fortunately, the Phoenix area has programs to help senior job-seekers find satisfying employment later in life.

Locating senior-friendly employment

The Arizona Department of Economic Security recognizes that mature workers may want to continue to stay in the workforce past the traditional retirement age. In a public-private partnership with [email protected], they’ve created a robust website with many resources for senior job-seekers.

Seniors searching for employment can enroll at the [email protected] site for free and have access to the job database where you can post your resume for employers to see, and search for listings in your area. [email protected] also provides guidance for mature workers, offering assessments of your skills, training, education, skill development, hosting networking events, and matching you with social services, if necessary.

If you prefer in-person assistance, there are four offices local to the Phoenix area, and 47 throughout the state of Arizona.

Paid training and skill development for a new career

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) program in Arizona gives low-income adults over the age of 55 an opportunity to learn new skills while job searching. Enrollees in the program will take an assessment to determine what training is needed to find a good job in your area, and are then paired with a non-profit or government agency to learn new skills on the job.

During the training period, program participants will work around 20 hours per week and be paid minimum wage for the training. Once participants have mastered the new skills, there is assistance available to help them find permanent placements in area employers are looking for candidates.

For a list of eligibility requirements and FAQ, visit the website here.

Unique options for job-seekers with special circumstances

If you’re a military veteran, you have access to priority services in the state of Arizona. These services include job training and referrals, and assistance with job placement. Visit the Arizona Department of Economic Security website for an overview of the program for veterans.

Caregivers in Phoenix may be eligible to receive a monthly paycheck for taking care of their friend or family member. A few different programs exist that could help including the Cash and Counseling program, VA Aid & Attendance pension, or long-term care insurance benefits.

Seniors with the desire to start a new business venture can look to the Small Business Administration Arizona district office in Phoenix for access to numerous resources to help you get your new idea off the ground.

No matter what your employment goal is, Phoenix has area agencies, resources, and programs to help you find the right fit for you.

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