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Phoenix Support Groups for Caregivers

Family members who provide care for a loved one know, it’s not an easy job. Being responsible for the well-being of an older adult is a very important role, and as the baby boomer population in the country grows older, state, county, and city resources, as well as non-profits and healthcare systems, are dedicated to providing help to family caregivers. Using respite care and available resources help caregivers to stay healthy and provide the best possible care for loved ones. Phoenix has a number of resources that provide help. Here are 4 to contact in the area.

The Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter

The Phoenix office of the non-profit Alzheimer’s Association Desert Southwest Chapter serves three central Arizona counties and provides help and services to seniors with the disease, their caregivers, and their family. Educational and informational seminars and programs, online and in-person support groups, and resources are just a few of the tools they provide caregivers to help with the day to day of managing a loved one’s care.

Monthly education programs presented in-person at locations throughout Phoenix are designed to help caregivers and patients alike better understand and manage the disease and the challenges it presents. Topics vary, and address issues like “Healthy Living for Your Mind and Body,” and “Know the 10 Signs.” Registration is encouraged, and programs are at no cost to caregivers and those diagnosed with the disease.

If the need arises, the Alzheimer’s Association has on-call assistance available through their help hotline at (800) 272-3900 as well as through a network of professionals and peers online at their community forums.

The Phoenix area is also home to a number of Alzheimer’s support groups held monthly at locations throughout the city. To find the one most convenient for you and your loved one, visit the Community Resource page and choose “Programs and Events.” On the following screen you can enter your zip code or street address and select the “Support Group” option to find the options near your home.

Area Agency on Aging Phoenix

The Area Agency on Aging in Phoenix offers resources to family caregivers of adults over the age of 60 in Phoenix. Available help includes assistance and information, respite care and options, support groups and training for caregivers in the area, and assistance with Medicare and Medicaid benefits counseling. Call toll-free (888) 264-2258 24-hours a day for assistance.

Phoenix VA Health Care System is available to help. Examples of services are: Support- online and in-person through peer groups Help Hotline- 24-hour call center for assistance at (855) 260-3274 Daytime respite care- adult day care services for loved ones In-home respite care In-Home Health Services- Home health aide, skilled nursing, and homemaker care Hospice- care at home for seniors with life-ending diseases

Start by contacting the caregiver support coordinator though the Phoenix VA Health System by calling 602-277-5551. Arizona Department of Aging and Adult Services

In Arizona, the Department of Aging and Adult Services is responsible for programs provided by county and city Agencies on Aging, as well as the Medicaid distribution of benefits that may cover the cost of respite care for eligible seniors. Contact them for more information at (602) 542-4446.

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