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Phoenix Senior Realtors

The older humans get, the harder it becomes for them to follow through with the sale of a house despite the financial need to do so. It is hard for seniors to follow through the sale of a house successfully because of the complexity of the process and the emotional attachment they have to the house.

The need to sell their home comes when the seniors no longer need so much space to live in or can no longer use some rooms, the stairs, or reach high up to the cabinets as effectively as they used to. The above are some of the reasons why seniors need senior realtors.

What Is The Role Of A Senior Realtor?

A senior realtor is a professional who guides seniors through every real estate transaction. These professionals are not your average realtors because they receive special training that makes them meet the needs of seniors, which are more than the needs of younger adults.

For individuals to qualify to become senior realtors, they must first receive the qualifications necessary to make them realtors, and then go through additional courses where they learn how to address all the needs of a senior. The best courses to go through include the Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation course and the Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) credential course.

Who Do Senior Realtors In Phoenix Serve?

As the name of these professionals suggest, senior realtors serve senior citizens above the age of 50 years through all their real estate dealings. Seniors have special needs that require special attention when it comes to the transfer of ownership of real estate.

When Should You Call A Senior Realtor?

When seniors discover that living in an empty nest has more challenges than rewards, their immediate course of action ought to be contacting a senior realtor. Senior realtors have the training to deal with the emotional impact of the real estate decisions that seniors make, the budgetary implications of their decisions, and the resources available to bring success.

When seniors decide to stay in the homes as opposed to selling them, calling a senior realtor as soon as they make the decision will work in their favor. Senior realtors will connect seniors with professionals who can adjust their homes to make them friendly to seniors with deteriorating physical abilities.

When selling their homes, seniors will need estate planning attorneys, accountants, social workers, health workers, and other professionals who are vital to the process. Senior Realtors connect seniors to all the above and more professionals.

Finding Senior Realtors Serving In Phoenix

Since Phoenix is a very senior-friendly city, seniors have very many Senior Real Estate Specialists to choose from. The Senior Real Estate website has a very long list of accredited Senior Real Estate Specialists serving in Phoenix.

The Senior Real Estate Specialists serving the Phoenix area who are on LinkedIn are well over 200 in number. The social and business profiles of these senior realtors can give seniors a good idea of the professionals they are about to hire.

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