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Phoenix Hospitals

Seniors in need of care should find a local Geriatrician. They specialize in senior care, and are able to provide preventative measures, proper support, and advanced care options. Some Geriatricians in Phoenix work on their own, while others are employed through a hospital.

HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center

The HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center offers upwards of 250 beds to patients. The facility is classified as a Level 1 Trauma Center, although a number of other important services are available as well. Cardiac Arrest, Cancer Care, Orthopedics, and Urology are just a few of the departments offered where seniors tend to end up most.

Banner University Medical Center

Banner University includes several campuses in various locations, including one in Phoenix. The Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix provides services for Geriatric Medicine. The program is nationally recognized. Osteoporosis, Urinary Incontinence, Depression, Memory Disorders, and much more are discussed and assessed at the center. A nurse case manager, social worker, fellows in the geriatric field, and geriatrician who is board-certified are all on staff.

Banner Alzheimer’s Institute

BU Medical Center works with the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute. The institute is well-recognized for its work in memory care and expertise on Alzheimer’s. A comprehensive diagnostic test is performed to help determine the severity of memory loss and additional symptoms experienced.

A physical exam, cognitive test, and medical history is taken in the first 90 minutes. Brain imaging scans, lab results, and a neuropsychological evaluation are all utilized to assess each patient’s individual circumstances. This allows the doctors to come up with an individualized plan and therapy options for treatment.

Haven Senior Horizons of Phoenix

Haven Senior Horizons of Phoenix specializes in geriatric care. The center is a psychiatric facility that offers inpatient services, as well as therapy options. Doctors focus on those with anxiety disorders, depression, mood disorders, memory loss, and dementia. Registered nurses, social workers, psychologists, behavioral health technicians and other professionals are all on staff to assist patients. Each of them works together as a Treatment Team.

Dignity Health St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center is part of Dignity Health, a nationally recognized health care solution. A Trauma Center, Cancer Center, Neurological Institute, and Thoracic Institute are all included. A Palliative Care Program is also offered, providing pain management to older adults who are at the end of life stages. Nausea, poor appetite, and overall pain can be lessened thanks to the doctors and nurses who assist with this type of care. Those suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, or dementia can all benefit from this service.

Local Geriatricians in Phoenix

Local Geriatricians in the Phoenix area can be found easily by performing a search online. A number of tools are available to help patients locate physicians. The American Geriatrics Society offers one of them. Click the “Find a Geriatrics Health Care Provider” link to search the site by state or zip code.

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