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How Much Does Phoenix Assisted Living Cost?

The city of Phoenix is gaining in popularity as a lucrative place to retire, over the ever-popular state of Florida. Arizona enjoys a low cost of living and the low cost housing options attract seniors in droves. Adding to that, Arizona doesn’t tax social security checks, so the senior living in Arizona leaves more money in the budget. Phoenix has much to offer seniors looking for a healthy, active lifestyle. There are many opportunities for recreation, entertainment, culture, dining, and shopping. Art lovers will enjoy the thriving arts community that Phoenix offers. The weather is warm all year round and while it’s hot in the summer, the lack of humidity makes it bearable. From the dry deserts to the lush greenery in Sedona, Arizona is a haven for senior living.

Available Options for Phoenix Assisted Living and Other Supports

Senior citizens looking for housing and assistance will find help from a state program called Independent Living Supports (ILS). This program provides services and safeguards for Arizona’s seniors. It’s the first stop for seniors who need information on home and community based services so that they can live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Services include:

AZ links- aging and disability resources Family caregiver support Legal services assistance Protecting the rights of those living in long-term care facilities Training and volunteer opportunities for persons over 55 Nutrition programs Health insurance assistance Healthy aging Home and community based services Mature worker services Emergency preparedness for seniors

Phoenix offers 26 assisted living facilities, each with a differing set of services and amenities.

Determining Costs for Phoenix Assisted Living

Beginning rates for assisted living in Phoenix start at about $1000 per month. You don’t have to settle for the most basic facilities in Phoenix. You can easily find some of the more lavish facilities within the $3000-$4000 range.

The listed rates can be deceiving because each facility includes different options and amenities, so don’t overlook some of the higher priced units. It may be that you will pay more when you add up all the costs separately than for a package that includes all or most of the utilities and other benefits.

Searching for Assisted Living Online and On-site

Find all 26 assisted living facilities in Phoenix at and view the photos to catch a glimpse of the interior and exterior of the facilities. You’ll also have the chance to read reviews from people who actually reside in the facilities to help you make a decision.

Consider this preliminary information to help you develop a short list of potential facilities. Don’t forget to consider the location and proximity to available transportation.

After you’ve identified a few facilities, schedule some time to tour them in person. Look for cleanliness, how staff interacts with residents, and have a meal there if you can. Taking those steps will help you fine-tune your best options.

Getting the Most Value for Your Budget

Account for the services that you know you need now, as well as services you anticipate that you may need in the future, if your health declines later on. Most facilities have plans either on-site or nearby where residents can be moved if their needs increase. It’s also possible that you can get more intensive services right in your home, but you’ll want to know all of that upfront.

Pick a facility where all costs are separate and another where the costs are all-inclusive and do some comparing. You may decide that you don’t really want or need all that is included and you get a better value by paying for them separately. Conversely, paying for each service or benefit separately can really add up for seniors who like to be active and involved on a regular basis. Comprehensive cost plans might prove more beneficial for those residents. Comparing both options can make a huge difference in getting the most value for your living expenses.

How You Can Meet Assisted Living Expenses

The options for funding assisted living expenses in Phoenix varies greatly by each individual’s financial portfolio. Medicaid is a common resource for assisted living programs. Some facilities will not accept Medicaid as payment, so it’s wise to ask that question early on during your search for an appropriate facility. For seniors with financial means, a combination of social security and retirement funds may be used to fund alternative care costs. There may be equity in the family home that can be used either by taking a second mortgage or selling the home. It may also be a viable option to rent the family home and use rental income as a source of funding. Other options that include some measure of risk are eldercare loans and reverse mortgages. It’s wise to consult with a financial planner before pursuing either of those options.

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