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Financial Assistance for Phoenix Seniors

Many seniors and retirees are discovering the benefits of living out their Golden Years, while having fun in the sun, in Phoenix, Arizona. The cost of living is low, and social security and retirement dollars stretch far. Despite the great lifestyle, many seniors are still finding it difficult to live on a fixed income, especially when unexpected bills come their way. Seniors are happy to learn that there are many state, federal, and local programs that are willing to help during their time of need. Private and nonprofit organizations are also willing to lend a helping hand for seniors who need some financial assistance.

Senior Centers in Phoenix

The Senior Centers in Phoenix are the hub of senior activity in Phoenix. They offer congregate meals, education, and personal development for area seniors. The centers provide recreational activities, social activities, and nutrition programs. They also provide tangible help such as emergency utility help, rental assistance, eviction prevention and move-in assistance. Seniors can also get help with life skills such as budgeting and social skills. In addition to the Senior Center programs, the city of Phoenix helps seniors with repair of their homes and appliances with the Neighborhood Services' minor home appliance replacement and repair for seniors and community senior discount programs.

Phoenix Area Food Banks

One of the biggest issues that seniors face is being able to afford nutritious food. Phoenix has many food banks that can help supplement the grocery budgets of seniors. St. Mary’s Food Bank Association helps seniors and others by connecting them with area services that can provide them with a hot meal, food box, SNAP program (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), housing or other assistance. FSL Impact on Life has three food pantries and delivers food boxes to over 800 Arizonans every day. FSL will also help with emergency clothing, assistance with utility payments, help with weatherization of the home, and offer referrals for other community services.

Legal Assistance

Legal Aid for Referrals is a free service that helps Arizona seniors and others find quality legal representation. The organization does not currently provide pro bono services, but they may be able to connect seniors with other attorneys who may consider pro bono contracts.

Transportation for Phoenix Seniors

The city of Phoenix provides discount cab coupons for seniors age 65 and older and people with disabilities. The city also provides rides to the 16 senior centers in the city via the Senior Center Shuffle. Phoenix Neighborhood Circulator is a transit service with three routes that offers discounted fares for seniors. The service connects seniors to local bus services. The city also contracts with Valley Metro to provide Express, a weekday commuter service that travels between the suburbs and the downtown area. Seniors can use the Dial-a-Ride service daily between 5 a.m. and 10 p.m. and on most holidays. Dial-a-Ride is a shared ride service, so it picks up and drops off other passengers along the route. Seniors may also request a personal care attendant to care for them during public rides.

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