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Philadelphia Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

If you are close to retirement, already retired, or want to encourage your retirement age parents to stay active, than volunteering for a cause that is important to you can be a great way to fill your time and enrich the lives of those around you. There are many different volunteer opportunities out there that meet your needs and help others.

Sometimes you may have to wait for training sessions to become a full volunteer for some specialized missions or groups. Background checks and interviews as well as proof of some credentials may be additional requirements.

Before you volunteer, it is important to assess what you can do and how much time you are willing to dedicate to those around you. Any help is appreciated, but some groups ask volunteers to commit to a minimal amount of hours each year. It can take time and resources to train volunteers so it is important to make sure you can handle what is asked of you.

Finding nonprofits is not hard at all. A quick on line search or simply going to a major charities website will let you know if there is a local branch. The Red Cross, YMCA, United Way, and other groups are in almost every major city.

The City Of Philadelphia Parks And Recreation

It takes a lot to keep the cities green spaces and recreational areas in good condition and put on events that help people get outside and involved in their community. The parks and recreation department takes on volunteers from many different backgrounds and ability levels. You can apply online and submit info for a background check at the same time.

Philadelphia Zoo

If animal companionship and a strong interest in nature and education sound like you, then you should apply for a volunteer position at the Philadelphia Zoo. The zoo gets thousands of visitors each year that want to learn about wildlife and the natural systems around them.

SERVE Philadelphia

This is an outstanding database for those that want to search for opportunities throughout the city using a single service. You can search by high need area, skills, interests, and narrow down opportunities that are suitable for seniors like yourself.

SERVE Philadelphia is truly dedicated to finding service opportunities for everyone, and they go the extra mile to make sure their site is up-to-date. You can also view one-time service opportunities with just a click of a button. Sometimes one time opportunities are a great way to get started volunteering. You can use these one-time volunteer events to explore a variety of nonprofits before committing to larger or more involved projects and extended hours.

Getting Others On The Path To Volunteering

By volunteering, you are setting an example for others in your community. If you have friends and family that you want to spend time with then, you might consider a group project. Coordinators at your nonprofit of choice can offer advice on what projects they need to do the most, and help put together a service day for your group.

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