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Philadelphia Senior Movers And Downsizers

Owning a home takes years of hard work, sacrifice, and patience, which is why seniors are not always willing to leave their homes after living in them for so many years. The attachment that seniors have with their homes makes them go to extreme lengths to stay in their homes despite the challenges they face with yard maintenance, changes in the neighbourhood, and the house's inability to accommodate the needs of a physically challenged senior.

However, a senior eventually has to move to live closer to relatives, health care, warmer climate, and easy access to care. The best people to deal with such an emotional move are senior movers and downsizers.

Why Not Just Use Normal Movers?

Senior movers and downsizers have a lot of differences in how they do their work, especially because the focus of the latter is just on the move itself while the former has so much to deal with before and after the move. Senior movers and downsizers relieve the stress that a senior would face if he or she decided to handle the process themselves. These professionals help the seniors to sell, give away or dispose of the things that will not find room in the new home, they help plan the move and setting up the house after the move, and they organize the move itself.

How Soon Should You Involve The Senior Movers?

The great thing about senior movers and downsizers is that you do not need to contact them only when you want to move. Whenever you realize there is so much stuff in your home that you hardly use, you can call them to help you get rid of it in a profitable way. When it is time to make the actual move, the movers will have a very easy time and make the move within a very short period. However, in the event of an emergency, these movers will step in and help you to move as fast and as conveniently as possible.

Finding Senior Movers And Downsizers In Philadelphia

Many websites contain information and contacts for senior movers and downsizers in Philadelphia, websites such as and the Yellowpages However, you can get more in-depth information from, and the National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) concerning the accredited movers and reviews from some of their past clients. Asking for referrals from senior homes and seniors who have used services from any mover is a very good idea.

The Cost Of Senior Movers And Downsizers In Philadelphia

The senior movers and downsizers in Philadelphia are very affordable, given how much work they do on behalf of their clients. Almost all these movers are available to give free quotes upon request, and the cost will vary from mover to mover, as well as from one client to the next. Movers and downsizers come up with the cost depending on the amount of work involved, the hours spent on the project, the distances involved, and the requirements of the clients. Request for a quote as soon as you can and find out how much you would be expected to pay.

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