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Philadelphia Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Whether you’re a senior who wants to stay in your home to receive care or a caregiver taking care of a family member as well as juggling a full-time job and other responsibilities, it might be worthwhile to look into adult day care and respite care programs. These services allow seniors to get the care they need during the day while their normal caregiver is at work or taking a break. Adult day care can provide care for medical, physical, and social needs. Let’s take a look into Philadelphia’s adult day care programs.

What Is An Adult Day Care Or Respite Care Program?

Adult day care programs can vary from location to location and state to state, but there are a few similarities in the way they are set-up. They are a drop-off program and some places will even provide transportation to seniors who need it. Most programs run five days a week, Monday through Friday and offer full-day or sometimes half-day options. The full day is usually from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and there are even a few programs that will offer a few hours on the weekend if needed.

You can find programs at a few different locations throughout the town including senior centers, hospitals, assisted living communities, and local churches. There is often a nursing staff that can handle the daily medical needs of the seniors in the program. This can include things like medication dispensing and reminders, vitals, and wound care. The nurses are also there in case there is a medical emergency.

The seniors who go to a daycare program will have a day full of scheduled activities and entertainment. State licensed facilities have to provide a nutritious lunch and many programs will also have a breakfast or provide snacks throughout the day. Seniors can do anything from play card games to take classes on baking or gardening. There might also be group exercises that are age appropriate and visits from local therapy dogs or performing groups. Those who are physically able might be able to take day trips or outings around town.

Who Provides These Programs?

Both the Pennsylvania Department of Aging and local Area Agencies on Aging handle the licensing and standards of adult day care programs. When choosing a facility, you should look first to those that are near you and then find ones that meet the needs of you and the one you care for. These are just a few in the Philadelphia area:

Northeast Adult Day Care 11048 Rennard St. (215) 671-0200

Inglis Adult Day Program 2600 Belmont Ave. (215) 581-0736

Grace Adult Day Health Care 101 E. Olney Ave. (215) 549-3444

Aramingo Adult Day Care 3307-29 Agate St. (855) 227-3777

Senior Care of Center City 1165 S. Broad St. (267) 773-8135

There are more facilities in Philadelphia and you can get recommendations from your loved one’s doctor or friends and family to find the best fit for you.

What Is The Cost Of Adult Day Care And What Are Payment Options?

It can cost an average of $77 per day in Philadelphia for adult day care programs but that can vary by location and the number of days you need care. Long-term care insurance can cover day care, if it’s needed for medical or cognitive reasons. Seniors with Medicaid benefits or VA benefits might be able to get the cost covered as well and the Philadelphia Corporation for Aging has community options for those on Medicaid.

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