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Philadelphia Neighborhood Guide

Philadelphia is no doubt a beautiful city that attracts a lot of different types of people. Deciding where to live is a big decision. The cost of living over the years can vary a lot depending on what area you live in. It is also important to remember that your needs will change over the years. Some seniors like to get in an area where they can just stay permanently.

Some neighborhoods may simply not have the amenities for long-term care. That being said there is a neighborhood in Philadelphia that will work for you over the years. Here are a few neighborhoods to consider that offer good access to medical facilities and a high quality of life.

East Falls

East Falls boasts the 3rd lowest crime rate in the city and real estate is affordable. There are some great places to enjoy a meal, but the walkability of the area needs some improvement. A lot of real estate has spacious lawns so you can likely find greenspace to enjoy no matter where you are in East Falls.

Chestnut Hill

If you are interested in living in the safest neighborhood in Philadelphia, be prepared to pay over $400K for a home. At the same time, Chestnut Hill has more medical doctors in the area than most anywhere, and it is easy to get around. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants to choose from so you will never lack a great place to go.


If you want to ditch the car or can simply no longer drive, then you might want to consider Fish Town for your retirement. This neighborhood is considered the most walkable in Philadelphia. If you love live music and trying different cuisine, then spend some time in Fishtown.

The one downside to Fishtown is that it doesn't have a lot of specialized doctors, so if you need specific medical care, you will have to travel out of the neighborhood sometimes.

Discovering Neighborhoods

Visit Philadelphia has a fantastic interactive map that helps you explore all of Philadelphia's great neighborhoods and learn more about amenities. This map is helpful so you can learn about each neighborhood. Sometimes just being one neighborhood to the right or left can save you money and offer a high quality of life.

The type of retirement you desire should be the main consideration when planning your retirement. The right neighborhood has a lot to do with your happiness. If you like being around a lot of vibrant people, then a quiet cul de sac may not make you happy. Talking to people in a neighborhood or spending a few days can help you make a more informed choice.

There are plenty of independent living and retirement communities within Philadelphia as well. These can be a great option if you want to simplify your life while still maintaining your independence. Most have 24 hours on call staff so you can get help if you need it.

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