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Philadelphia Hospitals

So many things start to change as you get older and your health is one of the biggest. You want to make sure that you are taking care of yourself by visiting your doctor regularly. You might also want to consider switching from your general practitioner to a geriatric physician because they specialize in the health of seniors. This is very important if you already have a condition that requires monitoring.

Here in Philadelphia, there are many hospitals and doctors to choose from and it might feel a little overwhelming to find the care that meets your needs. Luckily, there are nationally and regionally ranked hospitals that can provide the best geriatric care in the area.

Philadelphia Hospitals And Senior Services

It’s very simple to find a hospital with a good geriatric unit because US News and World Report have ranked over 5,000 hospitals in major cities across the nation. In Philadelphia, Hospitals of the University of Pennsylvania Penn-Presbyterian has earned the top spot. Not only are they the number one hospital in Philadelphia, but Pennsylvania as well. They have earned national rankings in 13 of their adult specialties and that includes their geriatric unit, which comes in at number 14 in the nation. Their ear, nose, and throat department, as well as their cardiology department, come in at number 4 and 8 respectively.

They have a high performing rheumatology unit as well as high performance rankings in COPD, heart bypass surgery, and heart failure. Their geriatric department offers house calls and acute care for elders. They also have a senior sleep center and a memory center as well as comprehensive bone assessments.

Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has been ranked at number two in the Philadelphia metro area and number four for the whole state of Pennsylvania. Their geriatric department has received high performance ratings and their cancer, orthopedics, and urology departments are nationally ranked. Seniors can get full or mini-assessments to evaluate issues like memory or bone loss as well as enroll in their fall prevention program.

Hahnemann University Hospital is a teaching hospital that has been ranked at number six in the Philadelphia metro area. Their cancer, diabetes, nephrology, and urology departments have received high performance ratings. You can use their physician search tool to find doctors at their hospital that specialize in geriatrics.

Pennsylvania Hospital comes in at number eight in the Philadelphia metro area and number sixteen for Pennsylvania. Their orthopedics unit is high performing and knee replacement has also gotten high performance marks. Their geriatric oncology program helps support older adults with cancer.

Temple University Hospital is number twelve in the region and number twenty-eight in Pennsylvania. Their neuroscience department is one of the best in the state.

Geriatricians Near Philadelphia

You also want to make sure that you find a good geriatric physician as well as a hospital that has senior services. You can search places like Health In Aging to see geriatric physicians in your area as well as US News and World Report doctor finder. Of course recommendations from friends and family are also good ideas.

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