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Philadelphia Hospice Care

Hospice care is without a doubt the best thing you can do for a family member who has a condition that is sure to take his or her life. Even though hospice care does not focus on the quantity but the quality of life, studies have shown that those patients who receive this care are likely to live longer than their counterparts who do not receive hospice care. Furthermore, the range of caregivers that a patient gets access to during hospice care gives the patient the best possible care, at a much cheaper cost compared to receiving just the medical care from a hospital bed. Here is what hospice care is all about:

Hospice Caregivers

A patient in hospice care receives a lot of attention from friends, family members, and medical professionals, who work together to make sure that the last days the patient has left are likely to be the best.

Family members are also part of hospice care, with their participation taking the role of a patient and a caregiver. The whole family also has to go through counseling and spiritual guidance while at the same time providing love and support for the patient. Here are the primary caregivers in hospice care:

The clergy: The clergy deals with the spiritual care of the patient, which is critical particularly at a time when the patient's life is ending.

The counselor: The counselor will attend to the patient and the family members and offer them support during the treatment and a long while after the patient has passed on.

The Nurse: The nurse will continually monitor the patient's condition, give them medication, and attend to any incidences whenever the doctor is not around.

The Doctor: The doctor deals with all the diseases and treatable conditions, and ensures that the patient lives out his or her final days without any form of physical pain.

Hospice Caregiver In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the great cities where hospice care agents are never too far from anyone. As soon as your loved one agrees to go for this type of care, ask the doctor or the nursing home for recommendations on which hospice to attend. Let the patient choose between going to receive care from an institution or home because Philadelphia has caregivers who work in institutions and others who bring the care to the patient's home such as Einstein Healthcare Network and Mainline Health.

You can look up the best hospices from, where you will get information on the caregivers in your area.

Paying For Hospice Care In Philadelphia

Undoubtedly, paying for health care using your insurance coverage is the best and easiest way to do so. Hospice care can be expensive if the patient does not have coverage, but insured patients together with their family members hardly feel any financial burden.

It is a good idea to make sure that your hospice care provider accepts Medicare insurance if that is your coverage, but other coverage in Philadelphia will also pay for most of the things involved in the care. Seniors who do not have coverage can request assistance, although they have to fulfill certain conditions to qualify for government assistance.

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