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Philadelphia Financial Advisors

No matter what age you are, you should be considering what the future holds for you. If you are like many people, you probably haven't considered the advantages of having a reputable financial planner on your side. There are many different firms that offer advice to people from many different backgrounds.

Even if you don't have a lot of assets, a financial planner can assist you in the quest to make your dollar go further in today's challenging world. As you go through life, your financial situation and needs change. For example, when you are younger you may want a riskier stock portfolio due to the potential for big gains. A senior will want to be more conservative in their approach.

Meetings With Your Advisor

You may be wondering how much time meeting with a financial advisor will take or what is involved. Yearly meetings are the bare minimum for most people. Anytime you plan on making a major investment decision, purchasing insurance, get married, or have any other substantial life event, you will want to see your planner and talk about the financial implications from different perspectives.

During the beginning of making a plan for your financial future you may need to have meetings several times a week for a few weeks to get everything taken care of. Although we live in an increasingly paperless world, original documents are still required for many financial and estate matters.

Where To Find The Best Advisor

There are a lot of different advisors out there. Some may be most comfortable with an independent advisor while others may prefer an advisor that is part of a major bank or advising firm. A few trial meetings with an advisor are advisable before you decide on which one to work with.

It is important that you are clear on fees and what you can expect from each office. Here are a few resources for finding the right people to help you with your retirement goals and financial planning.

The Reliable Better Business Bureau

The BBB has been around a long time and works hard to improve the level of customer service that is provided in an area. BBB accredited financial planners are held to strict guidelines of excellence. If a complaint is filed against a BBB accredited planner, it is quickly resolved.

If you are in the Philadelphia area, you have a choice of many different advisors, especially if you are open to an advisor that is in one of the many suburbs.

Certified Financial Planners

The CFP designation is sought out by a lot of professionals that while they have a degree and financial planning experience, they are dedicated to keeping up with the latest industry trends. This list is great because it offers a lot of details about a planner so you can narrow your choices down and get an appointment set-up quickly.

If your total assets are close to the minimum an advisor is willing to manage, it is still worth a call to their office if you feel they might be the right choice.

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