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Philadelphia End-of-Life Care

The term hospice is a frightening term for many people because they know that the end of life for someone that they love is likely to occur within six months. Time suddenly becomes of the utmost importance as it ticks away day by day. A hospice team consists of doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants, social worker, and therapists. Families soon find that hospice is more than pain medication and comfort care. The hospice team knows that patients who receive quality hospice services are less depressed and have a better quality of life than patients without hospice care. Proper pain management can make the difference of giving the family a little extra time to spend together

Families who are looking for hospice care in Philadelphia will find a listing of about 20 in-home caregivers at

Here are a few other resources about Philadelphia hospice care that are worthwhile to check out:

Pennsylvania Homecare Association

As a state trade association that represents over 700 organizations that provide professional care and support in the comfort of patient’s homes, the Pennsylvania Homecare Association strives to be the premier association that drives and influences service provision in the home environment. The association is a notable advocate in the legislative arena that champions rules, regulations, and laws in support of patients and consumers of home healthcare. Patients and family members may join the association to get more information about elder care.The association also offers an online search of their database of home health care and hospice workers throughout the state. As a means of keeping the public informed, the association hosts events and an annual conference.

Pennsylvania Hospice and Palliative Care Network

Since 1979, the Pennsylvania Hospice and Palliative Care Network (PHN) has provided a way for hospice programs to network within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its roots come from the American Cancer Society. Over time, the network has grown to include over 200 organizational and individual members. PHN supports their members by offering education, consultation, technical assistance and opportunities for growing in knowledge of the eldercare field.

PHN worked with the legislature and other regulatory bodies in 1998 to pass the Hospice licensure law that requires all hospice care facilities in Pennsylvania to be licensed by the State Department of Health to ensure the highest quality of hospice care. The standards of care match those of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization.

Wider Horizons

Wider Horizons operates under WHYY (Wider Horizons for You and Yours). This organization serves to provide seniors with information and entertainment for individuals who are looking to enjoy the last half of their lives. Wider Horizons partners with community institutions in and around the Philadelphia community to enhance the lives of area seniors. As part of their website, they offer a listing of hospice programs in Philadelphia, as well as regional and national hospice programs. WHYY is a valuable resource for listings of books, DVDs, guidebooks, and programming on issues related to retirement, creativity, social engagement, caregiving, and improving the end of life stage.

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