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Financial Assistance for Philadelphia Seniors

Philadelphia is one of those cities that no one ever wants to leave, owing to the love that people have for the city and each other. Philadelphia has very many senior citizens who enjoy everything that the city has to offer, and they do it with the help of financial assistance from different governmental and non-governmental organizations. Since living in Philadelphia is a bit expensive with the cost of living at 2.4% above the national average, senior citizens can access financial assistance for almost all of their basic needs in the following ways.

Help With Groceries And Hot Meals

Seniors in Philadelphia have it easy when it comes to their meals because many organizations and agencies offer food pantry services to them, most of which are on Agencies and churches such as St. Francis Inn Ministries and Old First Reformed Church of Philadelphia provide seniors with hot meals depending on their schedules, services that make a lot of difference in their lives. Some agencies bring food to the seniors, while others set-up centers where seniors can easily get to the food and groceries.

The Pennsylvania Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a government initiative that offers seniors and low-income families the access to healthy food, education on food preparation, and food benefits depending on their income and eligibility.

House Maintenance, Utilities, And Weatherization Help

Old age presents new challenges concerning home repairs and maintenance because a home with seniors demands many adjustments to accommodate their new physical demands. A home with seniors will require weatherproofing, such that the seasonal changes going on outside do not affect the inside the house. Seniors living in Philadelphia who do not have a good and stable income are likely to face challenges because, in addition to the above costs, the utility bills can often amount to an unmanageable figure.

However, Philadelphia has structures that enable a senior citizen to acquire assistance in all the above areas and contribute towards making the life of a senior much easier. Non-profit organizations such as Rebuild Together and Philadelphia's Home Repair Programs like the Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program make repairs in homes occupied by seniors and construct facilities to help seniors live better in their homes.

Philadelphia has assistance programs that help seniors cover their utility bills. A senior only needs to register for this type of support, and upon qualification receives regular assistance from the government to meet his or her bills.

Social Time And Rides

Agencies such as the Philadelphia Corporation For Aging has a broad range of services that Philadelphia seniors enjoy, most of which are free or low-cost. Other agencies and centers offer very affordable or free social programs specifically for the seniors, programs that help the seniors to connect with each other and gain skills.

The Senior Services and Resources Guide contains information on almost anything a senior citizen would want to know, including rides. Seniors need special rides that they can use for special purposes because they cannot drive their cars anymore and cannot use public transport conveniently.

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