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Orlando Veterans Support Groups

As one of the states with the largest amount of vets, Florida is home to 1.5 million military vets. For the time that they have served in the military, Orlando vets are given access to a number of organizations and centers to meet their unique needs.

For vets in Orlando, here are a few of the services they can receive

Veterans Services in Orlando

The Orlando VA Medical Center, located at 13800 Veterans Way, is in connection with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. As a medical hospital that treats veterans, they offer specific services that meet the needs of veterans of all ages. Some of those services include:

Audiology and Speech Pathology


Mental Health Clinic


Occupational Health

Primary Care

Physical Therapy

The Orlando VA Medical Center can also help elderly veterans through their changing needs as they age. The Orlando VA Medical Center has a Home Based Primary Care Program and a Community Living Center for chronically ill or elderly veterans.

Veterans Services in Florida

The state of Florida has the Florida Veterans Foundation to provide vets in the state with the benefits and services that they need. The FVF can provide financial assistance to Florida veterans when times are difficult for them and their family. Other services provided by the FVF include assisting veterans through the application process for state and federal benefits that they are entitled to.

To get in contact with the Florida Veterans Foundation, they can be reached at (850) 488-4181.

National Veterans Services Available in Orlando

The Veterans of Foreign Wars posts located in Orlando can help local veterans find support and guidance while applying for benefits, looking for health care, or are in need of job placement, a home, or other struggles. The officers of each VFW post are trained in understanding what the best action to take is and can point veterans in the right direction for additional services or care.

A VFW post can also provide veterans with a sense of community and social activity. Many posts serve weekly dinners or Sunday morning breakfasts that can bring the community together. In Orlando, there are a few VFW posts, including VFW Post #4287 and VFW Post #2093.

The Greater Orlando chapter of National Alliance on Mental Illness can also be beneficial for vets in the area. For veterans struggling with mental illness, NAMI can help them understand their depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or other condition and receive the treatment that they need.

Veteran Acknowledgment in Orlando

Orlando is proud of the brave local men and women who have served for our country in the military. Each year on Veterans Day, the city puts on a Veterans Day Parade through downtown Orlando. Those who participate in the parade include local veterans organizations, active-duty military, JROTC, and other community groups, like high school marching bands.

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