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Orlando Respite Care and Adult Day Care

Needing additional care as we age is the reality for most people, and the majority of seniors would prefer that care be provided by a loved one in the comfort of their own home. While having a family member provide care is an excellent solution, sometimes the caregiver may still need to maintain a daytime job or be out of the house during the day, and adult day programs can fill the care gap during these times. Adult day care can give seniors and their families peace of mind that their safety and needs will be seen to during the day, and they will have assistance on-hand to provide a hot meal and needed help while the caregiver is away. Here are some important things to know about adult day care programs in the Orlando area.

What you’ll find in an adult day care program

Adult day care is a drop-off program for seniors and other adults who have medical needs or conditions that require care or assistance during the day. Depending on the program, you may also be able to arrange transportation to and from the location, which is usually housed at an appropriate community location like a church, a senior living complex, or a community center. Generally, care hours will mirror the traditional workweek, Monday through Friday excluding any major holidays. Some seniors will utilize the center and its services every day of the week while others may choose a part-time option. Adult day care can also assist caregivers with respite care if they need time away from their duties due to an illness, planned vacation, or other personal need.

Providing a hot lunch is required by all adult day programs that are licensed by the state, and some programs will go above and beyond by also offering breakfast and healthy snack options as well. Programs will be staffed with nurses on-site who are able to help seniors adhere to their medication schedule, stay hydrated, and when they need to use the restroom throughout the day. Some programs in the area will also offer specific services for seniors with memory care needs or dementia.

Activities and socialization are a daily staple and can include programming like playing games or cards, having a sing-a-long or enjoying music therapy, adaptive group exercise classes, or off-site field trips to Orlando attractions for seniors who are able to travel. All adult programs in the state of Florida are licensed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration's Assisted Living Unit. The Florida Adult Day Services Association based in Gainesville is able to assist seniors and their caregivers with additional questions about programs in the state either online or toll-free at (877)-745-1440.

How do I determine where to go in Orlando for adult day care?

Orlando seniors have several options when looking for a program that is a good fit. To begin your search, locate programs that are located close to either your home or where you work. Some choices in the Orlando area include:

Beardall Senior Center at 800 Delaney Ave, Orlando, FL 32801

Preferred Care at Home of Northeast Orlando, 24 Forest Cir, Orlando, FL 32803

Share the Care at 4851 S Apopka Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32819

Kevrona Manor at 5536 Kingswood Dr, Orlando, FL 32810

Inquiring with your loved one’s doctor about options that could be a good fit, or reaching out to local friends and family for their recommendations may also help you select a location. The National Adult Day Services Association may also be able to offer some helpful insight and you can reach them by calling toll-free 1-877-745-1440.

Understanding the costs of adult day care in Orlando

Adult day programs are by far the most affordable care solution in the area. Seniors pay a median of $60 per day in Orlando for adult day care, compared to $107 for assisted living and upwards of $118 daily for in-home care. Long-term care insurance will likely pay the cost of care, if the senior has a diagnosis that requires it. Seniors without a long-term care policy who have few financial resources can apply for assistance from Medicaid or the VA, if they qualify for the program.

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