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Orlando Hospice Care

The need for hospice care is something many of us do not like to think of, but when the time comes that treatments and medications are no longer doing their job, it can do amazing things for maintaining a senior’s quality of living during their final weeks or months.

Whether you’re looking for hospice care at home or in a senior living facility, you’ll want to know all your care options and what kind of services you may need.

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care focuses on keeping a senior comfortable, free of pain, and cared for while they approach the last few weeks or months of their life. With hospice care, the senior, their family, and their medical team has concluded that additional treatments or medications will no longer benefit the individual.

The hospice care team is made up of a number of different individuals. Some services are necessary while others you may be able to do without depending on the level of support you have from your family, friends, or neighbors.

Necessary pieces of a hospice care team include the senior’s doctor, a hospice doctor, nurses, and home health aides. The senior’s primary doctor can work with the hospice doctor to create a plan to reduce pain and maintain quality of life while the nurses and home health aides administer therapies, medications, and monitor health.

Hospice providers can also provide support to the family and the senior in the form of homemaking aides, social workers, counselors and trained volunteers. The need for this part of the hospice care team will usually depend on the situation, but they can provide additional support with performing personal care tasks for the senior, running errands for the family, or just being there as someone to talk to.

You may also want to consider consulting the clergy for additional emotional support.

Finding a Hospice Care Provider in Orlando

There are dozens of hospice care providers in the Orlando area, but before deciding on one, it is always important to discuss the needs of the senior with their medical team. Talking with their doctor and nurses before consulting hospice providers can help you guarantee you get the care that is needed and they may also have some recommended contacts.

Depending on the kind of hospice care you are looking for, there are a number of resources available to you for finding the perfect fit. The VA provides at-home hospice care for veterans, while churches can help get you in touch with faith-based hospice organizations.

For assistance in finding a hospice care provider that fits your needs, can help point you in the right direction.

Financing Hospice Care

The cost of hospice care will depend on what kind of services the senior needs. Luckily, many hospice care providers are covered by private health insurers, as well as Medicare. Before selecting a hospice care provider, discuss the cost of their service, what is covered under insurance and what is not, and what out-of-pocket expenses you may face.

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