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Orlando Aging In Place

Your home is most likely where you feel most comfortable and if possible, you would like to stay there. As you get older you might think it’s inevitable that you end up in an assisted living facility or nursing home but there are many in-home care services that are available to help you age in place. From Audubon Park to Wadeview Park, you have access to services like homemakers who can help with cooking, cleaning, and other errands and home health aides that can help with personal grooming, bathing, and medication reminders.

Do I Have To Pay For These Services?

There is a chance that you could get some help paying for these services, especially if you have a doctor recommendation for in-home health care. There are other options as well like long-term care insurance that might cover some of these services or Medicaid benefits for low-income seniors. Veterans can check their VA assistance to see what long-term care services are offered. Seniors First which is the Orlando Area Agency on Aging offers a program to help provide in-home care services to seniors that meet certain requirements.

What Are These Services Going To Cost?

The total cost of in-home care services is going to vary from location to location as well as from person to person. The national monthly average for all home services is around $3,800 but this number is going to depend on your city, the type of care you want, and how often you use it.

The monthly averages in Orlando are right along the lines of the national average with homemaker services costing about $3,575 and home health aides costing $3,813. This breaks down into about $118 to $125 per day for these services and while that might seem expensive remember that these are just averages and you can find a fairly wide price range within your city.

What Do I Look For In A Provider?

You want to make sure you find a provider that meets your needs and that you feel comfortable with. To start, ask friends, neighbors, family members, and doctors if they have any suggestions on providers in the area. You can also search online at websites like the Better Business Bureau of Central Florida where you can read business reports and look at user reviews to start to get a feel for each company.

From there, you should start to make calls to these providers and ask any and all questions you might have. Find out if they’re insured, if they have the proper license, and if they’re bonded. Ask about their hiring process and find out if they do background checks on all of their employees. Make sure you fully understand their payment plans and options and that you go over their scheduling routine. Finally, carefully read over their contract before you sign to and make sure you agree with all services you receive.

Can I Use Other In-Home Care Options?

Absolutely, because homemaker services and home health aides aren’t the only kind of in-home care that you can find. Maybe you don’t need as much care as that but just want a little extra help around the house or with your errands. You can look to online service platforms to find exactly what you need. is great for pet owners who need help with things like walking their dogs or pet sitting. Handy is a housecleaning website and TaskRabbit and Favor are good places to find help with other chores or errands. If your home is the one who needs the most attention, look on or Amazon Home Services to find people for small repairs or larger jobs like remodeling. Don’t forget to ask the same questions as before so you find the right service for you.

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