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How to Get Around Orlando Without Driving

Orlando is the city of adventure and fun, and it attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Many people go to Orlando to experience Disney world, the Kennedy Space Center, the thrilling rides, magnificent amusement parks, and attractions. Getting around such a big city without a car can be a big challenge especially since the city is always busy. Orlando's public transportation, senior care providers, as well as taxi fleets, are good options to help you and your loved ones get around the town.

Parking And Transportation Orlando

Orlando International Airport MCO gives information on hotel shuttles, local bus services, shuttle vans, taxi services, and limousine services. Here is also the LYMMO service from LYNX, which is a rail like Bus Rapid Transit service. It is especially good for seniors because it is a non-congested route to major downtown destinations. ACCESS LYNX provides complimentary transportation services to people with special needs such as the elderly and physically challenged at discounted rates.

Taxi Services

Orlando is a busy city with many locals and tourists trying to get from point A to point B. Taxicabs in Orlando serve as transportation services as well as tour guide services. Most people hail down a cab and request to go to many of the attraction sites within the city. For this reason, most taxi companies use 6-seater minivans for cabs for the convenience of people traveling in groups of family and friends. Some of the licensed taxi services in Orlando area include Yellow Meter Cab Orlando, TransCour Limo services, Taxi Orlando Cab Service.

Specialty Senior Transportation Services

Many health services for seniors offer their clients transportation within the city for errands and doctors' appointments. ITN Orlando, Find a Ride, and BrightStar care all make an effort to post their services online. The good thing about using these services is that you get companionship to your errands, appointments and travels whether you use your car, or you get another ride. They can also create a tailored mobility program to suit your needs.

Ride-Sharing Services

Since Orlando is a major tourist attraction town, most taxicab companies in Orlando such as TransCour Limo Services have fleets of cars that can ferry six people from one destination to another in one trip. Ride sharing is both convenient and cost effective especially for family members on vacation as well as seniors who have little to no income. On the other hand, you have Uber and Lyft, which are available at the press of a button.

Personalized Help To Get The Right Ride

Transportation is crucial for seniors since they need to get their groceries, medical attendance as well as visit with friends and family. If you are a senior, you can contact CarePathways to get individual door-to-door services, ride sharing, and fixed route with scheduled transportation at discounted rates. This will help you to live independently without fear of isolation. You can also contact the Department of Elder Affairs at (850) 414-2000 to get more information.

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