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Social Security for Omaha Seniors

Omaha seniors hoping to receive social security benefits need to apply at least four months before their expected start date. The process is a long one, but well worth it in the end. Omaha includes one primary location for social security assistance, but there is also the online option that many can utilize.

Locating Social Security Offices in the Omaha Area

One main social security office is available in the Omaha area. The Social Security Administration building sits at 604 N 109th Ct in the West Omaha region. You can reach the office by calling (866) 716-8299. A personal phone number ensures residents in the area can get through faster when they wish to have a question answered.

There is also the toll-free number available for all offices across the United States. Wait times are longer when calling this line, but the representatives are fully capable of answering any and all questions pertaining to retirement, social security, the application processes, ordering replacement cards, and much more. The toll-free number is (800) 772-1213.

Receiving Assistance at a Social Security Office

Omaha’s social security office has employees with vast knowledge of social security services. They provide assistance to seniors and anyone else in the area in need of help. The main reason for needing guidance is the application. People need to know which documents to bring along on their next visit to submit the application properly. Many also ask how long it takes to hear back on an answer, which could take as little as four months or longer.

Clubs, senior living communities, and nursing homes often request assistance for an entire group. A speaker may come by from the social security administration to discuss social security options and retirement with everyone in the presence. Getting the information to everyone at once is an ideal way to ensure all seniors in the community know how to apply when the time comes to do so.

Many additional services help seniors at an in-person facility. A change of address or replacement card may be issued at a social security office. As long as you provide the right information, such as your social security number, name, address, and ID, you can make the change.

Receiving Assistance Online

It is possible to receive assistance online instead of in person at an office. The online services are just as extensive, allowing people to handle any of the tasks they need quickly. You cannot complete some of the services until you sign up for an account through the website. It is known as “my Social Security,” and provides access to all important information regarding your case. The account gives you access to your statement and benefit information, and also allows you to change your address or request a replacement card easily.

Online calculators allow you to find estimates of how much you could earn through your benefits. They are just estimates though and will vary greatly depending on the final income details and data. Different calculators work to offer possibilities for life expectancy, retirement benefits, retirement age, social security benefits, and more.

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