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Omaha Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

Retirement is typically considered one long, pleasant afternoon throughout the later years of our lives.  However, what if you’re not ready to retire from life?

Omaha seniors can make their golden years a golden opportunity to give back to the community, learn new skills, enrich the lives of others and make new friends.

Continue reading to learn about the volunteer opportunities available to Omaha seniors.

Help Omaha Schools

Omaha Public Schools can use the talents and abilities of Omaha seniors to educate the next generation.  School volunteers will provide critical tutoring assistance in a variety of subjects to help students having difficulties to keep up.

Volunteer classroom aides allow teachers to devote more time to teaching and less time maintaining classroom order, which also allow more time to help slower learners catch up.  The school cafeteria will appreciate an extra pair of hands at the cash register and in the kitchen.  You’ll help children have an enjoyable and relaxing lunch period so they can do their best in the afternoon.

Learn New Skills at the Zoo

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium needs you to help them provide visitors with the best possible experience while dedicating all possible resources to animal care and conservation.

The Zoo and Aquarium have many different roles for senior volunteers.  Many seniors will love learning new skills as they help with habitat maintenance and following each animal’s feeding schedule and dietary requirements.  

If you enjoy meeting people, you’ll make an impression on thousands of visitors every year as a Zoo or Aquarium guide.  Of course, your help will also be welcome during fund-raising activities and special events.

Help Omaha Readers

The Omaha Public Library provides a valuable service to city residents.  The library supplies essential resources for Omaha students from elementary school to university level and a place for peaceful enjoyment for all readers.

Help the Library in their critical mission by volunteering.  You can impress young readers with the joy of books during storytime, and help fellow seniors learn to perform online searches, learn how to send an email, and use a word processor.

Go Green at the Botanical Garden

Lauritzen Gardens is one of the premier botanical gardens in the Midwest and an amazing place to volunteer for fans of horticulture.  Your help is needed to guide and educate visitors to the Gardens, help botanical experts care for and maintain displays of exotic plant species.  

Take advantage of the healthy exercise and fresh outdoor air to reinvigorate your body as you make the Gardens a premier Omaha destination.

Save Companion Animals

The Nebraska Humane Society rescues abandoned and abused animals and focuses on re-homing as many rescues as possible.  If the plight of unwanted companion animals concerns you, volunteer with the Nebraska Humane Society and make a difference in an unfortunate animal’s life. You may even make a new four-legged friend to keep you company at home!

Where Do You Want to Help?

Where do you want to help?  Follow your passion and make your retirement years the most important and valuable years of your life.

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