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Omaha Veterans Benefits

We have a lot of reasons to thank Omaha veterans. These are people who willingly volunteered to defend our freedom while placing their bodies in harm’s way. Serving in the American armed forces is a selfless act that merits not only a reward, but anything we can do to make their civilian lives as good as possible after they are discharged.

Luckily for Omaha veterans, the U.S. government and many private organizations have been created in order to take care of these brave individuals. Returning to civilian life can be a shocking transition for many veterans, and finding the help that’s available can consequently be a challenge.

Keep reading this article to discover some of the organizations and resources that Omaha vets can access to increase the odds of a successful and healthy civilian life after their terms of service end.

Homeless Assistance

Support Homeless Veterans is a 100% donation funded organization dedicated to defending the dignity of our former servicemen.

No one who has served our country and taken on a commitment to pay the ultimate price for our freedom should be on the street as a reward. Support for Veterans performs community outreach to help homeless veterans wherever they may be.

While help is never forced on anyone who refuses it, there are thousands of veterans living on the street who aren’t aware of or unable to access aid. Support Homeless Veterans does their best to help everyone that wants assistance in finding secure, safe housing.

Veterans Administration Mental Health Services

There will always be a percent of the population that suffers mental health issues. In the case of veterans, many mental health issues can be traced back to experiences they endured as a part of their military service.

Veterans Administration Mental Health Services provides help to vets who are suffering from conditions like PTSD and will provide aid and treatment to vets who are suffering from any of a wide variety of psychiatric issues.

VA Mental Health Services makes it possible for vets who have mental health problems to live productive and satisfying lives without the negative effects of untreated mental illness holding them back.

Veterans Administration Health Service

The VA Health Service is where qualifying Omaha veterans can access the best in health care services for their medical needs.

Whether it’s treating a medical condition that began during their time in service or a problem that happened after the return to civilian life, the VA Health Service offers veterans essential medical services to get back to health.

Additionally, the VA Health Service will provide geriatric medical care for senior aged veterans. If you’re suffering from age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, or chronic metabolic disease like diabetes, as a qualifying vet, you’ll get the care you need.

Small Business Administration Help for Vets

Owning a small business is part of the American dream for many vets. The Small Business Administration has programs available that will help vets get the financing and training to successfully start and run their own place.

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