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Omaha Senior Movers and Downsizers

No matter who you ask, there is nobody who enjoys moving to a new home. Moving can be an extraordinarily disruptive process that causes stress and often results in the loss of some items.

Omaha seniors who have to downsize are faced with even more issues. After spending decades in the same home, moving to a smaller place can mean giving up keepsakes and other items with high sentimental value. Seniors need expert assistance to negotiate the process of downsizing their possessions to fit in a new space.

The growing senior population in the U.S. means that there will be greater demand for senior moving services. Keep reading to learn more about senior moving services in Omaha.

How are Senior Moving Services in Omaha Different?

A senior move manager takes responsibility for coordinating the details of your move. The SMM will help you organize your home before the move occurs clutter will be removed, and items sorted so you can decide what stays and what must go.

A senior move member who is a member of the NASMM will be trained in handling the issues particular to senior downsizing, be required to adhere to a strict ethical code, and be appropriately insured or bonded.

SMM’s understand the depth of memory invested in mundane items as well as more ornate keepsakes and will help you decide on what to do with these things.

When to Contact a Senior Move Manager

While you can hire a senior move manager at the last minute to help coordinate the move, this is far from ideal.

With enough time to plan and sort through a lifetime of belongings, you and the senior move expert will be able to ensure that all important items are properly taken care of.

The senior move manager will help you decide what stays with you and what you must sell, donate or give away.

In case your move is sudden for whatever reason, the SMM will take care of all the move details while you see to whatever crises precipitated the need to move.

Where to Find a Senior Move Expert in Omaha

The easiest way to find a senior move manager is to use online search tools and directories. The NASMM has a zip code based search tool that will quickly provide a list of NASMM members near you.

The Better Business Bureau maintains a directory of senior move managers in your area and includes their BBB rating as well.

Speak to people directly if possible. If you’re moving to a senior community, ask the residents if they used an SMM and what their experience was.

What do Senior Move Managers Cost?

The cost of a competent senior move manager can vary widely depending on many factors. AARP states that they found the cost of SMMs to range from $40 to $100 per hour nationwide.

While the SMM will coordinate the move, you will also have to hire a moving company to handle the actual transportation of your things to your new residence. Negotiation and asking about package deals should save you money.

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