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Omaha Senior Centers

Retiring is an event many seniors look forward to and with good reason. You now have the time to enjoy your hobbies, spend time with your loved ones, and even try new things. Perhaps you want to travel or get the chance to perform in front of an audience. Maybe you want to learn new things and head back to school. Or, maybe you just want to make sure you enjoy a long and healthy retirement by taking care of yourself and meeting new people. Luckily, Omaha can offer you all these things.

When You Want To Play Cards

Playing cards or board games is a relaxing way to spend your free time, and it’s a great way to catch up with friends or meet new people. There are plenty of senior centers in the Omaha area that have card or game groups you can join. The Sherman Center has bingo three days a week, and Camelot Friendship Center has a chess club. Camelot also offers pinochle tournaments, phase 10, and bingo.

When You Want To Continue Your Education

Retirement is not the time to stop learning. As you age, it’s important to keep your mind sharp and to learn new things is one of the best ways to do that. The University of Nebraska-Omaha has a Senior Passport Program for adults 65 and older. You can sit in on particular courses, and it only costs $25 per semester. If you want to learn more about the ever-changing world of technology, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers teach senior computer courses. The Intercultural Senior Center also offers classes in computers as well as English, Spanish, and music.

When You Want To Maintain Your Health

Similar to the importance of continuing to learn, it’s also important to keep moving. Fitness for seniors is a crucial part of staying healthy, and there are senior fitness centers throughout Omaha. Omaha has a WellBound Boomer/Senior Fitness program that promotes good health for older adults by offering senior fitness classes as well as health monitoring and checkups. You can also join the local YMCA and take advantage of their senior classes that include Tai Chi and chair Pilates. The CHI Health Wellness Center is also a good place to take classes specifically for seniors.

When You Want To Share Your Talents

You might not have had time to perform before, but retirement gives you another chance to take the stage. You can join different performing groups all over Omaha, like the Sing Omaha Master Chorale. Ladies can join the Acappella Omaha Chorus, and you can find adult dance classes at the Motion 41 Dance studio. The Benson Community Center also offers belly dancing for seniors.

When You Want To Meet New Folks

Don’t stop meeting new people just because you’re retired. The extra free time is perfect to get out there and find new friends with your same interests. There are meetups all over Omaha, including ones just for baby boomers and seniors 50 and over who are looking for fun new things to try.

When You Want To See The World

Many seniors want to spend their retirement traveling the globe, and senior travel groups make that easy. You can join the Travel and Culture Group in Omaha to learn more about traveling and get a chance to share your experiences with others.

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