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Omaha Respite Care and Adult Day Care

When you are the main caregiver, it is never easy making sure that your loved one gets the care they need while you take care of your own life. Fortunately, when you are holding down a day job and need care for a family member, respite care, or adult day care, can be a huge relief. Adult day care gives family caregivers a much-needed break and peace of mind by providing supervision and care for retirees. Omaha has a broad range of resources that can help you in locating your ideal adult day care.

What Is Adult Day Care or Respite Care all about?

Adult daycare programs are typically located in senior centers, senior living communities, medical facilities, or other appropriate settings. They are usually open during normal working hours every day of the work week. Plus, there are some places that are open during the weekend or that have extended hours, but these centers are few and far between.

To make sure a seniors’ medical needs are met, trained staff members oversee all of the adult day care participants. They pass out medications at the right time, keep track of vital signs and other health problems, and keep older adults from getting dehydrated. There are even some centers that are geared toward helping seniors with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, dementia, and certain other conditions.

Your family member will get a nutritious, hot lunch and maybe even snacks and breakfast when you pick a licensed program. Seniors can also take part in many activities throughout the day. For example, group activities typically include classes, arts and crafts, and card and board games. At times, there are day trips to popular attractions and entertainment from local groups. The Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services oversees all adult day care centers in the state.

Where to Get Day Care for Adults in Omaha

Omaha offers a wide selection of adult day care centers. You might want to start your search with places by your house or work to make it easier for you to drop your loved one off and pick them up. Consider these programs:

Franciscan Centre is on North 90th Street in Central Omaha


Senior Corps is located on South 72nd Street in South Central Omaha


Ameriserve International is in nearby Council Bluffs


Transitions Day Program offers services in the Northwest part of town


Champion Homes Mental Health Assisted Living is in Hastings

For more referrals, talk to your loved one’s doctor or therapist.

How Expensive is Adult Day Care and How Is It Paid for?

In the Omaha area, the median daily rate for adult day health care is $50. This is much less than half of what you would expect to pay for a day in assisted living or for a full-day of in-home care. If you need help paying for respite care, you should check your loved one’s Medicaid or VA benefits. Also, long-term care insurance is known to cover costs when adult day care is required for medical or cognitive issues.

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